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Convert or Export Clarion? .tps tables

mlcktmguy used Ask the Experts™
I am writing an app for a client that has been using software that stores the data in files with a .tps extension.  The client only has the runtime version of the app and not the DB product.  Based on my research it looks like these files are being created with an old, old version of a product called Clarion.  Does anyone know if that is true?

It is a small project with a small budget so purchasing the Clarion product is not a viable option.  Of course these file formats are so old that the current Clarion product might not recognize them.  Are their any utilities or drivers available to read or export these files into a recognizeable format?

Bringing the legacy data into the new system will be very helpful to the client.

I have researched this on EE and several past responses point to a product from a company called 'TopSpeed' but the links provided to get to this company are no longer active.

Any help would be appreciated
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I believe the tps extension files are newer than what I encountered.  I had some dat extension files that existed under an old Clarion DOS system that I wanted converted to a dbf file.  But, the software I used has two conversion modes under Options and I used the older one.  Maybe the newer will support what you need.  If not, contact the author and get some clarification on your tps extension files.

A free evaluation copy of somewhat limited functionality is available to download and try.

ABC Amber Clarion Converter
I'm not convinced that Clarion converter will get the tps data for you.  A TopSpeed ODBC driver would allow you to get to that data from any ODBC capable program, including Excel which is far from a real database in reality.  The following reference reminded me that such a driver exists.

ODBC import of .tps table with > 255 fields


Sorry for the delay in responding, I got pulled to another project.

Thanks for the input but neither of these options worked with the version of the files that I have.

Any other suggestions?


Any other suggestions?


The question is not really abandoned I have long held out hope that I would get an answer that would address my situation.  That hasn't happened.  I guess the best solution is to delete the question.

If you are still waiting for a solution, I shall put up a pointer to this in the main section and you can get some more references. This is way behind in the list. hence, chances for people seeing it is less


Thank you.
TPS files are from clarion as you suggest and is still in current use. The 'ToPSpeed' format was introduced about the same time as the Clarion for Windows edition ('94?) and has gone through only one major revision ('99?). The format is similar to most ISAM databases, however it has runtime compression on data making the topspeed file smaller, especially for large text storage. The file format does have an inbuilt data definition, so any utility able to read the fomat will be able to retrieve not only the data, but field formatiing, field validation, etc. Dates are more than likely to be stored in numeric format as days since December 28, 1800, and time is milliseconds since midnight.

The files, however may or may not be encrypted. If they are not encrypted, anyone with the clarion development library should be able to convert or export the data to a multitude of formats, depending on your need / preference. You would simply need to show IP ownership of the data. A list of usergroups ( http://www.softvelocity.com/community/com_usergroups.htm )  should help you find such an individual, or post in the newsgroup ( news.softvelocity.com ).  

There is also a utility called 'topscan.exe' that allows users to view TPS files and export in csv or tab delimited format. Not sure on the legality of its open availability as it is usually provided to clients by the clarion developer, but it remains part of the clarion development environment.  
If they are encrypted then there is not much you can do without the original source code or dictionaries. Best bet would be to hunt down the creator and request an export to the application.

SoftVelocity (makers of Clarion): http://www.softvelocity.com/
Info on exporting TPS: http://bluesoftware.tripod.com/exporting.html