How can I iterate through a component collection and read the text of each of the compnent?

I'm using vs2005, .net 2.0.  I tried the following code to read the system Securitylog's but am getting error.  padLogEntry is an EventyLogEntry

IEnumerator IEnum = padLogEntry.Container.Components.GetEnumerator();
Error      2      Using the generic type 'System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerator<T>' requires '1' type arguments      C:\Projects\UnityAdmin\EventReport.cs      62
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rameedevConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if you are interesed in reading a particular evntlog's data you can use some thing like this...

EventLog[] m_EvLogArr = EventLog.GetEventLogs();
                  foreach(EventLog mTmpLog in m_EvLogArr)
                        if(mTmpLog.LogDisplayName=="YourLogName") /// padLogEntry
                              IEnumerator IEnumLog =  mTmpLog.Entries.GetEnumerator();
                              EventLogEntry m_TmpEvLogEntry;
                                    m_TmpEvLogEntry = (EventLogEntry)IEnumLog.Current;      


Try to change:

IEnumerator<Component> IEnum = padLogEntry.Container.Components.GetEnumerator();

lapuccaAuthor Commented:
Hi rameedev,

I need to read the property of the "Security" log's entry.  I think they're stored as components and am wondering how can I read them.  thanks.

Hi anaki, I tried it but it gives an error.

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You mean to say you want to read msgs in the Security EventLog...Can you clarify?
lapuccaAuthor Commented:
When I double click on an entry of the "Security" log in the system's "Event Viewer", a Property window pops up.  In this window, there is a "Description" section that lists many different information like "User Name:, "Domain", "Login ID"......
How can I obtain each of this inforation in my program?  Thank you.
well the above code which i gave can extract most of the information
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