Adobe file size increase when printing

We have suers that use Adobe Reader 7.0 to view and print .pdf documents. The issue we are having is current .pdf documents that are anysize, but mainly around 1 MB in size when we print the size changes to 150 mb or more,thus causing the printing of a 20-page document to take 45 minutes or so. Any ideas???
itiadminChief Technology OfficerAsked:
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hdhondtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Unfortunately, document size bears no relation at all to print file size. Many factors influence the print file, including:

* driver type (PostScript, PCL, etc)
* driver settings (with PCL - but not with PostScript - higher printer resolution means larger output file)
* document contents (an image that appears on every page has to be re-sent for every page, but appears in the document file only once)
* application settings (selecting "Print as Image" in Reader produces larger print files)

On the other hand, 45 minutes for 150 MB does imply a very slow printer. A good colour laser would fly through that in a minute or two.
So here are some things you can try:

* Make sure Print as Image is disabled (click on the Advanced button in the print dialogue box and make sure Print as Image is not checked)
* if your printer supports PostScript, make sure you use a PostScript driver
* if using PCL, try a lower print resolution
* try a faster printer ;-)
itiadminChief Technology OfficerAuthor Commented:
The files are being printed through a terminal server connection in RDP back to a users local printer.  They have adequate bandwidth.  When the users attempts to print, the files size in the spooler baloons up from around 1 MB to more than 150 MB.  This doesnt seem normal, any other ideas?
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As I explained, a size increase like that may well happen. And of course, your "adequate bandwidth" may be too slow for that file size.

Have you tried my suggestions?
Another thought.You are using the "local printer". Would that printer use a parallel connection to the PC? In that case the PC will only send about 100kB/sec, which means around 20 mins for 150MB. If the printer can use a USB or network i/f you'll notice a major speed improvement.
Also, in the printers > Printing Preferences>Advanced>Disable Advanced Printing Features I have had several printers not print proprly with APF enabled, using a PS driver as suggested above...

I think (and this is just what I see the question to be) is that the print job starts off at a 1mb file, but spools up to 150mbs. Its not really a 150 mb job that you are sending to the printer, right? Hdhondts comments about the size increasing is accurate, but I just want to make sure that we are talking about sending a 1mb job versus sending a 150mb job to the printer....Is that right? If we are talking about a 1mb job being sent, then the problem is the amount of spool data thats being created, right, and not a bandwidth issue?

(no offense to your post Hdondt, just wanted to clarify for my (our) benefit)    :)
itiadminChief Technology OfficerAuthor Commented:
Yes.  The file size starts as 1 MB and when it spools the sppol data shows as a 150 MB + file.  
No offence taken, johnb6767

itiadmin, you say the "file size starts as 1 MB". Am I correct in assuming that is the size of the PDF document? In that case, my comments still stand: print file (spool) size has nothing to do with document size.

Have you tried my suggestions? And does the printer use a parallel port?
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