Downgrade Windows 2003 AD Domain Controller to install SBS2003

Hi, folks.

here's the issue:  i have a client who has a windows 2000 member server and a windows 2003 AD domain controller, but wants to implement sbs 2003 for the sql and the exchange.  I believe that i can downgrade the domain controller to member server, then there won't be a forest or domain controller for the server to conflict with.  or can i build it as part of the domain, then downgrade the 2003 server back to a member server?

and how do i downgrade the server from dc to member?
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
killbrad's suggestion is likely a violation of the SBS license agreement -- if it will work at all.  What you might want to look into is installing the SBS server into the existing domain.  You'll have 2 weeks to make it the FSMO master - as long as you do that, you should be ok.  You can also look into a domain migration.  Note: Installing SBS into an existing domain CAN be done, but it's generally not recommended.  Further, if you're not familiar with SBS, you should know that it's vitally important to use the SBS wizards whenever possible to ensure you don't have problems with the domain which can occur if you don't do things the correct SBS way.

MySQL is not SQL compatible with MSSQL (one clear example - TOP (MSSQL) and LIMIT (MySQL)).  Postfix is not nearly as feature comparable to Exchange.  Most people want groupware capabilities when they use exchange - so PostFix is not necessarily a good substitute.  Further, while there are linux solutions that can substantially match the Exchange/SQL capabilities, there are differences that can prevent them from being a good substitute.  And if you don't have a linux expert on staff, Linux and related alternatives are often not appropriate solutions.

Some reference:
How to install Small Business Server 2003 in an existing Active Directory domain

yes you can downgrade win 2003 server to member server but then you will loose the active directory and domain
you need to recreate all the user/ computer accounts and domain policies on SBS
remember SBS requires as many CALs as the no of workstations connected to domain means it will not alow more users to connect to it
sorry it should not be "more users" but it should be more workstations
Install SQL and Exchange on the 2k3 server..  Aren't they available separately?

It may be possible to install the SQL and Exchange features from the SBS 2003 disc onto your current Server 2003 installation...

(MySQL and Postfix are viable alternatives to Microsoft SQL and Exchange Email, if you are not unconfortable with configuring it for your needs.)

sumton1Author Commented:
thank you for the link; that makes it clear!
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