How to have a link on a web page that when clicked doesn't do anything ?

I would like to be able to have a link on my page. That link is a regular link, but when clicked it should not take me to a new location. Instead, it should send the http request, but expect nothing in return.

Is it possible ?
How ?
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VoteyDiscipleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ok, do this exactly:

1.  Rename index.html to content.html (leave the file exactly the same, but change its name to content.html)
2.  Create a new file called index.html
3.  In index.html, put...
   (a) <html> and </html> tags, like usual
   (b) The same <head> section as you have in content.html
   (c) The following code where you would normally put the <body> (this page will not have a <body> )

<frameset rows="0,*">
    <frame name="invisible" src="content.html">
    <frame name="main" src="content.html">

4.  In content.html (which, remember, used to be your index.html) change the link to look like:
<a href="test.html" target="invisible">Click to Not See Anything Change!</a>
There's no native HTML way of tricking the browser into sending a request without getting a response, so you'd have to either:
(a) Use Javascript to do it (AJAX techniques)
(b) Get the response the usual way, but hide it somewhere unimportant.  You might, for instance, create a frameset for just this page, with one invisible frame.  Then targeting the link there would have no visible effect.
I'd go with the frameset idea every time.
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probineAuthor Commented:
more details about the frame set please !!!
Create a page called, say, container.html, which contains the following INSTEAD OF a <body>:

<frameset rows="0,*">
    <frame name="invisible" src="somewhere.html">
    <frame name="main" src="regular-page.html">

Keep your existing content in regular-page.html, but change the link so it looks like:
<a href="page-to-load.php" target="invisible">Click to Not See Anything Change!</a>

(noting the added target="" attribute)

It's critical, then, that links elsewhere in your site link to container.html, NOT to regular-page.html.  If this is a site that's been around a while, you may want to change it so the existing filename is the one that puts out the <frameset>, and a new filename (which nobody will really ever even see) is the one with the content.
probineAuthor Commented:
I guess you are in the right direction, but your explanation is confusing... please explain again !!!
probineAuthor Commented:
Let me put ir this way:

I have a page called "index.html". Somewhere in this page there is a link to "test.html".

When I click on the link to "test.html" the request should be sent, but nothing should change in the browser. I mean, the index.html page should still be there as it was before clicking on the link.
probineAuthor Commented:
It does work.

What in the world is going on there... I don't understand how it does it.

Explain ???
Try changing the frameset to use <frameset rows="50%,*"> so you can actually see both frames.  You'll see it's really loading test.html in the other frame exactly the way you'd expect.  By setting the size of the frame to zero, however, that has no visible impact.
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