Windows server 2003 routing not functioning properly.

Layout:  1 Win. XP client, 1 Win. 2k3 Server connected via a D-Link switch.
RRAS is enabled and the routing is enabled.
DHCP is giving IP of to the client with gateway of is the static IP of the LAN adapter on the server.
There is a second WAN adapter on the server assigned IP with default gateway of
The internet type is Verizon FIOS and it requires PPPOE authentication.
I have to authenticate the PPPOE connection prior to getting internet access.  This dial-in creates a new PPPOE adapter with an address of and default gateway of that shows up when I run IPCONFIG on the server.

I am able to get internet access on the server, but I cannot get internet on the client.  The client has an IP address given by DHCP and a default gateway, but I cannot access web sites by URL's or IP addresses.  My internet was working fine when I used my DLINK router for connection sharing.
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TrilotechConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A couple of suggestions.

I do not do PPPoE on any of my servers so this first one I am unsure of, but try it. In RRAS under your "NAT/Basic Firewall" the PPPoE may not be listed but you can add interfaces by right clicking on "NAT/Basic Firewall" and choosing "New Interface". Any available Interfaces not assigned will show up. The part I am unsure of is whether your PPPoE interface will even be available.

If not, can you assign the PPPoE function to your verizon Modem? Then simply route from there to your Servers WAN side? This is how all of my clients are configured who use DSl or Cable. The modem does the PPPoE and either port forwarding is used or a static public address is made available to the server.
on the wan adapter have you configured the as the preferred dns server
Smacky311Author Commented:
I have not done this.  I am at work so can't try it right now, but I can't access by IP address so I don't think it's a DNS issue.  I think it has to do with the PPPOE adapter.
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when you set up the RRAS did you make sure to use the WAN interface for public access -you can check this in the RRAS console-make sure wan is ticked not lan
Smacky311Author Commented:
Yes, that I did do.  I think that is where the problem begins.  I selected the adapter that connects to the wan cable as my WAN adapter, but this adapter provides no internet in and of itself even though it gets the IP from the ISP.  The internet is provided through the PPPOE adapter, which cannot be selected in RRAS.
Smacky311Author Commented:
After an hour of playing with the server I finally was able to share my internet. Trilotech was extremly close to what I had to do.  I had to right click Network Interfaces in RRAS and add a new interface for PPPoE.  This allowed me to manipulate and share the interface using the default settings.  Otherwise, I would have had one heck of a time figuring this out.  I managed to turn my router into an access point and now I can run my web server and let my girlfriend use the internet wirelessly!  Many thanks!!
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