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crystal reports - error: 2147206429 Invalid TLV Record

i was unable to find a crystal reports section so i am posting this here, since i don't necessarily think this problem is specific to crystal reports.

we have an application that runs on a citrix server and is used throughout the country.  it has been in production for over a year without any problems.  after a recent build was applied suddenly all non-admin users receive this error: 2147206429 Invalid TLV Record, whenever a crystal report is opened in the app.

the app is running on a win2k sp4 citrix server.

i have tried to roll back the build, but that didn't change anything.

i talked to our IT department and they claim no updates were applied to the system.

i installed the app on a virtual machine with a base install ( winXP +updates only ) and found the error not present

i added sscsdk80.dll to the system32 folder

i verified the dependencies of craxdrt.dll

i regsvr32 numerous dlls

i scoured the web looking for solutions, but only came up with the above and others that did not work

i am at a loss as to why this is happening.  it is only happening on this server (test environment), but i am hesitant to apply any of the builds to production for fear of it happening there as well.  currently, the only solution i have been able to find, is to add all the app users into the admin group on the server, which, obviously i would rather not do.  any assistance is appreciated
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You mention that the problem appeared "after a recent build was applied" so efforts should be concentrated on determining exactly what changes that recent build made. It's likely that the build installed updated Crystal Reports or other components which are not compatiable with some existing reports on the system.

Unfortunately, even though you've "rolled back the build", due to the way in which updates work, it's highly likely that some updated components still remained on the system afterwards, in particular any shared system DLLs which were upgraded, potentially leading to a mix of different DLL versions

You don't mention your exact version of CR, but the following link discusses a similar problem and lists a selection of CrystalDecisions support links which may help.

Also, another potential line of investigation would be to determine why the software fails with non-admin users only - is it trying to read/write a specific file or registry entry it no longer has access to?  Tools such as 'RegMon' and 'FileMon' can help - they're available from

Hope that helps..

I have had this issue after upgrading Crystal runtimes in the app to Crystal V9 (also in the Citrix environment). The invalid TLV message occurs when running a report that was written in Crystal V8. If you open the report files in Crystal V9 it will upgrade them for you, then resave them. Crystal V9 stores database names as part of table names in the query, but Crystal V8 doesnt. You may therefore also have issues when you implement the reports if they were developed and tested on a database with one name and then deployed to a database with another name.
Crystal Reports forum

What version of Crystal?

What did the build change?

meyerc74Author Commented:
thanks fostejo.  using filemon i found the permissions for atl.dll were set to admin and system only.
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