Compatible printer driver for Dell 5110cn in Terminal Services environment (Win2K)

Hello folks,

Please forgive me in advance if posting here to the Citrix forum is in error -- this is a Windows 2000 Terminal Services question, but I'm hoping there's enough similarities, and that someone may happen to know the answer to this. (This has also been posted to the Printers forum.)

I have a client with a Windows 2000 Terminal Server environment.  He has a remote office computer, to which he wants to connect a Dell 5110cn color laser printer, and be able to print locally through the Terminal Services connection.

I'm aware that under Windows 2000, you have to find a compatible driver that shipped with the O/S, and then do a mapping to the unsupported printer (the Dell in this case) in order to print properly through the TS connection.

Does anyone know what a compatible driver would be?

Thanks for any assistance you can give.

Charlie T.
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BLipmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You won't get a blue screen so often with Windows 2000 server or newer unless you are using "Version-2" drivers (AKA: Kernel Mode).  If the driver says it is 2000/2003 compatible you are pretty safe assuming it is not a version-2 driver.  
That's the good news.  The bad news is that you are opening yourself up for a flakey spooler service by loading a 3rd party driver.  I would try one that is specifically Citrix/TS certified, one that ships with the Server (in the list in Add Drivers), or a native driver as a last resort.  
Don't get me wrong, you may have great luck with the Dell driver but if you load it watch your spooler very carefully and fire off some test pages.  

Oh, and avoid PCL6 at all costs, it sucks for TS/Citrix.  
One way to test this is to set up your Dell printer on a workstation and change the driver to something generic like a Color LaserJet 4500 and see if the formatting is ok.  Then, you can use the Terminal Server Printer Redirection Wizard
to remap the driver to the one you have tested to work locally.  You could also play with some Lexmark drivers since that is who makes many of Dells printers.  
Have you tired to install the dell driver to citrix? Its a PCL driver, I just checked. I have had pretty good experience with using PCL's on citrix. Add the driver to the server, and make a mapping. It may work well.

If this doesnt work, you can install and setup the printer on your citrix servers. Set it up as a network printer and point the IP address to the IP of the printer. If this is a remote site, point the IP address at the public IP address of the remote site. On the remote site firewall, open up port 9100 and forward it to the IP address of the Dell network printer. This method will work extremely well and give you the full function of the actual dell driver. And also, you would not have to mess around with the auto creation aspect. Within citrix, your going to have to give the users permissions to print to this "Hosted" printer. Let me know how this works out for you.
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charlietouAuthor Commented:
Hi Adam,

For one thing, I just need to make it clear that we're not running Citrix, but Win2K Terminal Services.  I had read, albeit years ago, that installing a non-standard driver on the server for TermSvcs purposes was an invitation to a blue screen.  It may be worth a try though.

As for opening up the network, my client is in a shared office environment, and the Dell is a networked printer which I'm assuming is available to other tenants on the floor.  I don't think that would bode well from a security standpoint.

I can't do testing right now, but will be able to in a few hours.


Charlie T.
Ah, ok. No citrix. This is fine. I believe you should be able to install this driver to the TS anyway. If you want to be completely sure this will not have an adverse effect, you could run it in a testbed Virtual Machine.
ET0000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You can check out the printer matrix here:
and pick one that does PCL6 or PostScript 3.
charlietouAuthor Commented:
To all of you who have responded,

Thank you all for your input.  I wanted to let you know that this issue pertains to a remote location, where we just experienced some network connectivity issues, and now my client has left that location and may not be back there for a week or two.  I'm telling you this because I don't know if I'm going to be able to deal with this issue until he gets back on location, so you don't think I'm just blowing off your suggestions.

Anyway, I will let you know how it turns out.

Thanks again.
Please post your results.  If you continue to have issues we will try to help!
Recommend split between BLipman, AdamBNYC, and ET0000
charlietouAuthor Commented:
Hi all,

I have not been able to bring this issue to a resolution because my client has been having first network problems in his remote location, and then computer problems.  But in the interest of closing the question, I will split between BLipman and ET0000, as theirs seem to be the most appropriate responses for the situation.

Thanks again,

Charlie T.
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