Groupwise 6.5 install failure

Hi there,

I'm trying to install Groupwise 6.5 on Windows Server 2003 R2 SP1. No matter what I try the install fails right at the start after I accept the license agreement. I did get past the Novell client install. I've tried with the newest version of 6.5 but no luck.

The Event log says little: "Faulting application install.exe, version"

I've reinstalled the OS and tried with/without different versions of eDirectory already on. This is a new Poweredge 1800.

What am I missing????

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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PsiCopConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If the GroupWise v7.0 install runs fine, then you've shown there's a problem with the GroupWise v6.5 install. That would be a bug that Novell should fix, because GroupWise v6.5 is a still-supported product.
A quick check of the GroupWise v6.5 documentation (, specifically the System Requirements, doesn't show W2K3 as a supported OS. Altho this other page ( seems to contradict that.

Just to make sure - you *are* using the latest Support Pack Overlay CD for the install, right?
leftie65Author Commented:

I've tried with GroupWise 6.5 SP6 Full Update 1 which I gather is not an overlay but a complete package.

The 2nd link you give is the one I saw - but then it doesn't specify "Server 2003 R2" just "Server 2003".

I've tried the various install.exe's in the software tree and they all fail...

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Hmmmm.... how about downloading GroupWise v7.0.1 and trying that? I'm curious if the issue is specific to v6.5.
leftie65Author Commented:
Worth a try  - although I have no budget for an upgrade.

I'll post Monday. Thanks.
leftie65Author Commented:
Okay - problem is "Data Execution Prevention" - a feature of Server 2003. It thinks the Groupwise install is a virus and so needs to be disabled before installation.

I'm a little ticked that it killed the install silently. If it hadn't decided to cough up a dialogue on the last attempt I'd still be scratching my head....

Thanks for responding.
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