Simply put, why doesn't this produce a "bob". All I can manage is a "{"

{ IF { = AND ( { COMPARE "A" = "A" }, { COMPARE "B" = "B" } ) } = 1 "bob" "bob1" }
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Ken TurnerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The expression works fine for me exactly as presented, and returns "bob".

I am using Word 2003 (11.8106.8107) SP2

How did you build it?  I simply did Ctrl-F9 to create { }'s where needed, and then typed/copied/pasted the other bits into them.

I think it must be a bug. I get the same in Word 2000. I can test it in Word 2003 on Monday, unless that is the version that you are using anyway. Are you?
dlangmanAuthor Commented:
I am using office 2003.
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Hi Ken, how are you doing?

Thanks for that prompt - I just tried it in 2003 and it works for me too.

So I tried it again on my (Word 2000) laptop system, and would you know, I can't make it go wrong again. Unfortunately I didn't save my previous efforts.

So dlangman, try typing the whole thing in again - it might just work. If it does, give Ken the points. His intervention will have saved the day.
Ken TurnerCommented:
Graham, I'm fine - good to hear from you.

Your suggestion re the points is very generous, thanks.

Happy Christmas to all our readers!
dlangmanAuthor Commented:
I just updated my office to the version KenTurner mentioned, typed it from scratch again and when I complete the merge I am returning this error message: Error! Unknown op code for conditional.
GrahamSkanConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
I go that just now, but I had typed (leaving no space between the = and the 1):

} =1 "bob"

instead of

} = 1 "bob"
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