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How to setup/ printer to print from remote locations i.e web


I have hp3310 wireless printer that is connected to my adsl modem/router,
it is getting its ip via dhcp.the router is nat enabled and has all the usual nat features and can easily do
port forwarding etc and its connected to the wan via static ip.

I would like to print to it directly from the Internet without having to connect the printer to an
always on computer and basically print from anyones pc from anywhere on the web.

There is also a Network storage device connected to the router which i have confiqured to be accessible from the web
via http and ftp, Now can i install any programme on the nas device to save and print from there,
or is there a way i can print as asked directly to the printer.

the hp3310 printer has also got a wired ethernet connection as an option.

I would apprecaite if someone can guide me in how to setup and what software that maybe required if any.or if you have any other better setup solution to this.

I early await your replies.

1 Solution
Sounds like the job for a throw toghether ASP page that will allow you to upload a file to a server and it will print it out for you on its local printer.  Is this an acceptable solution.  Let me see what i can come up with.
If you are on a network with a server that has IIS try this document:
HOW TO: Configure Internet Printing in Windows Server 2003

Since it is HP you can just forward port 9100 to the hp printer.  From outside your network you can then just add a new printer, specify your external ip address and you should be able to print.
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qambuttAuthor Commented:
mathew l,

can you explain your answer further,
what service do i need to appoint it i,e http or etc or do i manually add the printer name and then add the port and its
details i,e tcp to udp what is the correct way for that aswell.

i have a nas device which i access from http and ftp.

and when adding the printer for over the web what format do i add the printer.
also do i need to confiqure anything on the printer
You should be able to port forward port 9100 on your router to the printers internal ip address.  You do this on the router along with any other port forwarding on web ftp etc.  That is really all the setup that is nessesary on your end.  You could do fancier things such as IPP (internet printing protocol) with IIS and such, but this will get you working.

Now once you have the printiner on and port 9100 forwarded to it, you can setup the printer at the remote location.
Assuming Windows XP here.
Start, Control Panel, Printers.
Add a new printer.
Select local printer attached to this computer, and do not check automatically detect
Create a new port, standart tcp/ip port.
Click Next
Enter your public IP address, the address assigned to your router by your isp.  If you do not know it go to from a computer on your local network
Press Next
Select Custom press next
Press Finish
Follow the steps on screen to setup the print driver for your printer, you may be able to use a generic one
Select whether to share it, print a test page, default printer etc.

Once it is installed try printing a test page.

I tried it out on a network PSC2510 HP Printer with port 9100 forwarded, and the same setup to create the printer remotely.  Worked Great!!

Let me know if you need any further assistance.

qambuttAuthor Commented:

Matt,thanks for your reply .

i think i was not clear with my question above i will try to explain again this time hopefully better.

1. My goal here is to get my hp3310 printer that is connected to my adsl modem router via wireless connection,
to be accessible from the internet,Like i could goto any lets say "internet cafe" and open the browser and print
directly from there,where as you state i would have to add the printer via the ipaddress of my router and then port forwarding setup assuming 9100 is the correct port, to the printer.okay not a problem read on.

2.Now i need to confiqure port 9100 on my router i have a speedtouch 780wl ,which already has applications readily
available to assign to a local device for example i have a network storage device and i have assigned http and ftp to that
so when i go along to any computer anywhere i can access that by typing the static ip of the router and then the port forwarding of http kicks in and i am routed to the nas device.

3.Well this is what i am trying to ask what service or protocal do i call this (http etc) or what is supposed to be called ,for confiquring to the printer with port forwarding enabled and how is the ports confiqured for this like tcp 9100to9100 the trigger protocal then udp .....

4.So when i go to a web browser from anywhere i can print to my prnter directly.
5.will i have to add the printer via its web address everytime when i access it from diffrent computers.
6.And how do i type the web printer address i know you mention on your reply but i understand thats for when you
are trying to connect from the local network. i tried it today ,I assigned the http port to the printer
8.I typed the ipaddress of my router and that brought me into the web interface of the printer.
now when i tried to add the printer from a different pc elsewhere i entered the address as http://87.194.**.**
and an error ocurred reading the address was not correct etc.

I think i am going crazy using my head.....

So bascically i dont want to go into heavy networking or buying new devices here if it can be avoided,all i want is to
have my printer available on the web so i can print remotely. and finally the user friendly step by step instructions
on how to set it up.
Anyhow i hope you understand my requirement here i am sorry if i am asking for to much.

many thanks
Ok.  I will try to answer these in order.

1. We sound ok with port forwarding.  HP Jet Direct or HP printers use 9100.  Should be good there with the port forwarding.

2.  This will be the same thing.  If you do not see port 9100 you should be able to add it as a custom service etc. and still do port forwarding.  This is the same as the http and ftp.

3. You should be able to specify port 9100 to 9100 protocol both tcp and udp.  You may have to add it if it already isnt available as a well-known service in your router, which I am sure it is not.

4. You wont be pritning via a web browser with this solution.  To print via a web browser you will need to configure IIS (internet information Server) either on a Windows Server or a XP desktop.  This can be done.  Trilotech pointed out an article on the config of this.

5. As you move from different computers that are external to your network you will have to install the printer using its external static ip address of the router.  You would have to do this with IIS printing as well.  You would just be adding it via a web browser.

6. When you configure the port forwarding, you specify the internal address of your printer, probably some form of 192.168.*.*.  When you are setting up the printer on an external computer, you use the external address of your router the same you would use for web access.  87.194.**.**

7. I dont know why you are assigning the http port to the printer.  That will forward the administration page of the printer and make that accessible externally.  As far as I know there is no way to print via the administration page of the printer.  You probably do not want to forward port 80 to your printer.

8.  I am not sure what you mean by add the printer.  At no time are you using http during the process.  You are using port 9100.  You do not use a web browswer to configure a remote pc to print to the printer.

It sounds like you want to use a web browswer to print.  If that is the case you must configure a web server.  The web based administration of your printer is not going to help you print.  Follow the link that trilotech gave and configure and install a web server IIS.  You can then create an Internet Printing Web site that will allow you to print via a web browser and install printers via the web browswer.  

This may be beyond what you want to do, you dont nessesarily need a SERVER for this you can use a desktop pc and follow the steps in the article.  The other way I have pointed out will work as well.  You just will not be using a web browser to print.

Choice is up to you,

qambuttAuthor Commented:
Thanks Matt,

I was confusing myself for no reason as you stated add the printer and enter tcip as the port with the ip i guess thats
the easy way and enough for now.

I will study more about web browser later but no need for now thanks again for your help.
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