reseting pwd on a vmware image of windows server 2003

I have a vmware player on my machine

I got a windows server 2003 vmware  image ; and it starts fine using the vmware player

I remember the login id but forgot the pwd

Is there any way to reset the pwd of the windows 2003 server

Thanks for all ur help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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If all else fails, have a read of this:

My tut on getting local admin access :) on XP - most of it should be relevant due to the nature of Windows Server 2003.

P.S., make sure you're putting the * in when you reset the password - if you forget, it wont work.  If you try and change the password using the reset ulility it may not work - I havn't been able to get it to change a password, just blank it.
Hi royalcyber,

Please follow the instructions given at hope it would be helpful to you

btw, recovering / resetting pwd of windows 2003 will be same as normal procedure.
try this method
A. netuser (username) (password)
This should reset the administrator password.
B. take the sam file to a disk and lopht crack it
C warm reinstall windows ( the guaranteed way )
Link quoted in solution no longer exists.
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