Error connecting to existing session for <username> (Id 0)

I have a Windows 2003 SP1 Standard edition and installed the Terminal Service.
I can connect myself using the RDP. When i try to use mstsc /console i put
the ipaddress of the server it arrive to ask the username and the password
and after popup a window with "Error connecting to existing session for
<username> (Id 0). The operation completed successfully."
and doesn't allow me to connect on the console of the server.On other
servers works fine, same updates same model, same group policy settings.
I wonder what is stopping me to access the console session on the server ?
Thank you
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Andrew DavisManagerCommented:
Check is there allready a user logged on to the console?
is that the same user that you are trying to log on remotely?
djmagicbAuthor Commented:
there is no user logged on the server.
If i use the command "mstsc -v:servername /F -console" i am able to connect on the server's console.
But there shoud be a problem because on the other 2 servers "mstsc /console" works file.
I don't know what's the difference and how to fix this error.
Andrew DavisManagerCommented:
Sounds like it should work fine. Does the event log point you to anything?
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djmagicbAuthor Commented:
No events ... simply that when i try to connect using "mstsc /console" writing the IP address of the server i get "Error connecting to existing session for
<username> (Id 0). The operation completed successfully."
djmagicbAuthor Commented:
I have tryed also to update the video card drivers , tryed also with Standard VGA but no result
Andrew DavisManagerCommented:
are you sure there is no existing session. as the fault reports "error connecting to EXISTING session....." also you mentioned that it works with "mstsc -v:servername /F -console" however the correct syntax for that would be
mstsc.exe {ConnectionFile | /v:ServerName[:Port]} [/console] [/f] [/w:Width/h:Height]

/v - specifies the remote computer and port (optional) you wish to connect to
/console – connects to the console of a Windows Server 2003 based system
/f – starts the remote desktop connection in full screen mode
/w & /h – specifies the width and height of the remote desktop connection

djmagicbAuthor Commented:
The server has installed Terminal services. I logon locally and let applications opened and lock the server, when i try to connnect to the console to see the opened applications i get the error message. On other servers that i have works,
only on this particular one doesn't. Any ideea how to troubleshoot ?
I receive this error at times when attempting to connect to the console session.  However, when users' try to connect at times they receive an error saying something similar.  When I check tsadmin I'll notice that a couple users have multiple disconnected sessions and one session that is active.  When I log off the disconnected session I receive a blue screen and the server reboots.  I receive a STOP error when the server has restarted.  
djmagicbAuthor Commented:
Found the solution.
I had installed an application which installed another video adapter driver that could be visible under "Display adapters". Removing the application resolved the issue.
Thanks everybody for suggestions

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Actually I had a similar error. Simply go to "Administrative Tools-Terminal Services Manager" and open or connect to the server in question; Click on the + behind the server name you are trying to connect, right click on the "RDP-Tcp (listener)" and select "Reset".

This will allow you to connect. Somehow, I don't know why, a previous connection is preventing you from connecting to the server.
Hope this helps, its solved my issue every time.
I had this error and removed the second video card aswell. This fixed it for me.

For me David's resolution fixed it, client had 10 connections that were "disconnected". Making a group policy to kill off disconnected sessions after X amount of time.
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