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Backup SBS2003 using external USB drives - Drive letter problem

cmdown asked
I have an SBS 2003 R1 server that is using the built in backup system to backup to external USB drives.  The problem is that the backup keeps failing due to drive letter assignment.

Two external USB drives are used alternately

Both have been independently plugged into the server and assigned the drive letter G using the drive management console.

However, when backup runs it appears that one or the other drive is loosing its assignment and reverting to another drive letter.

Is there any way to lock the assignment so that whichever drive is used, the server will always automatically assign it the letter G.  Going into the drive management console each time is not an option for the end user.

Many thanks & Happy Christmas
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right click on my computer, click manage go into disk management and right click on the drive you want to use and assign drive letter (choose something high like R)

do the same with the other drive and ensure you plug them back into the same usb drives.

*sorry typo Same usb drives should be same usb ports
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I think grakem is on to something - basically, when you plug devices into different USB ports Windows can treat them as different devices - pick a USB port, connect both drives and assign drive letters.  Then ONLY use that USB port for your backups.  If that doesn't help, you can ditch the backup wizard (it's about the only time, currently, I tell people to ditch a wizard) and use a batch script - I wrote one intended for use anywhere - it's currently in the links section of my backup web page (sorry, no documentation as yet):


I should have said that when I set up the backup, I plugged each drive into both ports and set the drive letter to G (ie total of 4 operations )

Leew - I'll have a look at your script. thx.


Leew - could not access your page.  Error response as follows:

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error '80040e57'

String or binary data would be truncated.

/downloads/download.asp, line 20

I'm running IE7
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Try again in 5 minutes - I'll have that fixed.

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Should be working now - a quick note:  The way I determine the drive is to use a FOR loop to look for a particular marker file.
USB drives are flakey and unreliable under the best of conditions.

My advice is to ditch it and move over to eSATA.

Much faster and far more reliable.


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