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Name of page on the website

Last Modified: 2012-05-05
What is better  - to start the page name with big letter or small one or this is not important at all?

for example:




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It makes no difference what so ever in a domain name, all files normally get converted to lowercase anyhow. You could type it with both upper and lower and you would get the same page.

The same goes for all files names

Index.html is the same as INDEX.HTML and index.html

lets clarify that a wee bit...

Certain web servers: IIS and Unix believe that Widget.html and widget.html are seperate files...letter case in some circustances DO matter...

Apache web servers, don't seem to care if the file is uppercase or lowercase or any combination.

(if you care to try this, simply rename a graphic file on the webserver to your liking without changing the tag on the web page that calls it....) You'll know instantly how your web server handles letter case issues.....

As for the domain name it doesn't matter how you type it in, DNS resolves it even if it's mixed case...

It terms of internet marking it makes no difference and it is resolved no matter what case is used. In terms of a web server, yes it could be seen as different files as stated, but that’s not what was asked.
....so in terms of which is better, it makes no difference at all, it will resolve anyway the user want to type it in the browser.
Ashish ThakkarWebsite Designer & SEO Consultant

Logics :

www.mysite.com/SearchEngineOptimization.html or www.mysite.com/search-engine-optimization.html will be read better than www.mysite.com/searchengineoptimization.html


On the other hand, is easier for a customer to remember a site called www.mysiteiscool.com/this-is-a-test-article.html or www.mysiteiscool.com/thisisatestarticle.html than another called www.MySiteisCool.com/This-is-a-test-Article.html, specially if they see the link in passing or are referred to it by a friend. If your server won't think they're different pages is all ok, if your server won't find This-is-a-test-Article.html unless you use proper capitalization you might lose visits.

Just my $0.02
1 - for file names upper-case and lower case, my own experience and a lot of my grey hair come from these stupid thing, because in fact although Windows does NOT care for case (wether with IIS or Apache or other), the Unixes DO. So I now have a very simple strategy, which avoids lots of headaches.
- You can for example compare what you get with
== capitalized text http://www.multi-sources.fr/Images/My-Image.gif
== lower case text http://www.multi-sources.fr/Images/my-image.gif
And all of this give a very different result from say http://www.multi-sources.fr/images/My-Image.gif
- The problem is that Apache or IIS on Windows would consider these 3 different addresses as the same. In other words: if you develop your site under windows, it will work with whichever capitalization you use for the filenames and in the html  pages; BUT this might NOT work under Unix/ Linux.
=== >> What I usually do and recommend is "stick to lower case everywhere you can, handle upper case with great care" (eg, if you backup to windows a unix-hosted site, the directories Images and images will be the same, and some files fill be overwritten).
2 - For coumpounded URLs... search engines can distinguish and index words separated by hyphens, but not on capitalization. Why would you like to take the risk. UseDashedFileNamesForYourURLS or rather use-dashed-filenames-for-your-URLs (yes, I take some risk with these 3 uppercase letters).
For domain names.... I would prefer dashed names as well, but this is not always possible so we do what we can. But again I would prefer web-site-creation.com to websitecreation.com

It does not matter about the domain name, not matter what server you are on it will resolve the same way, what comes after the domain name such as file.html is server dependent. When I was stating it does not matter I was taking about the domain name itself not file names, sorry.

I would recommend always keeping it in lower case for file names, some servers will convert uppercase letter to lower anyhow when uploading, not sure if this is a setting but mine does this.


My question is also about search engines

In general I understand that for the server it is not important.

To summarize:

>My question is also about search engines
use hyphen/dashes/minus; underscores or other variants; avoid/anticpate server problems by sticking to all lower-case

>In general I understand that for the server it is not important.
It is probably not important for the search aspect; however, for the "file-serving" aspect, mixing cases is a sure path to some problem later.
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