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stevemarsh99 asked
Last Modified: 2013-12-15
Hi guys,

I have followed this step by step guide to setting up Fedora to use its built-in Sendmail service and everything seems fine and the service is working until I try to connect to it via Outlook express on my other XP machine.  I does not send the mail.  Is there anything obvious I am not doing?


Thanks if you can help

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what do you get in your error or syslog file?


I cant even ping it now!  I know it works becasue in the mean time I have got it hosting a one page website


ping is another question, may be a firewall problem
Please post error messages.


Ok well the situation is this.  I am at work and I have a sperate broadband line which the linux box is linked to.  It has send mail set up (as far as I am aware) and when I connect to it via:

pop3: mail.some.tld
smtp: mail.some.tld
username: a-user
password: *secret*

in Outlook express i get this error:

The connection to the server has failed. Account: 'mail.some.tld', Server: 'mail.some.tld', Protocol: POP3, Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Socket Error: 10060, Error Number: 0x800CCC0E
sounds like outlook tries to use pop with SSL, either disable it in  outlook, or configure your pop server with SSL
BTW, are you awar that sendmail does not answer pop requests, usually? Sounds like you need to setup a pop server first.


I am not sure what you mean, I have to use Sendmail as the logs it produces are in compliance with an auditor we have to use.  How would I disable pop?
> .. I have to use Sendmail ..
to use for what?

> How would I disable pop?
disable where?
Why would you disable it?
If you have disabled it, how do you get the mails then?

Sorry for the silly questions, but it seems that you're missing some basic knowledge about MUA, MTA and the used protocols inbetween ...


I am missing the basic knowledge, that is why I am asking people who know more than I do! I have to use Sendmail...well, to send out email?! And my linux box is configured to work with SSL (if you look at the tutorial I posted at the beggining I got up to page 3/4, 4 being when you test it!)
This one is on us!
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We have some .net software that will connect to this linux box and the software sends out email campaigns to our list of clients.  In the indusrty we work in, we have to have things verified by professional auditors and they recommend using Sendmail as a solution.

ok, sendmail is the solution for your software (and seems to work), why the question then with outlook?
I don't see the relation.


Well I cant send email via Outlook.  So in essence, I have not seen my linux box send out one email!
that's a outlook configuration problem
Try to send mail manually with telnet:

telnet mail.some.tld 25
helo your-ip
mail from: me@some.tld
rcpt to: you@other.tld
Subject: whatever

body here

if that works, your sendmail is working and you have an outlook problem


Connection failed using telnet.  I am sure this has something to do with I cannot ping mail.khldev.com (even though the IP appears in brackets fine)
that sounds like a firewall problem


Were would I be able to turn off the firewall from my linux box then?


Right Ok I have found the firewall setting and everything is disabled, meaning that everything should be ok in theory but I still cannot connect via telnet?
can you do a
  telnet localhost 25

if so, then plese post result of:

  iptbales -L -n -t nat&&iptables -L-n -t mangle&&iptables -L -n


Unrecognised command.

Telnetted on my machine that I am trying to ping the linux box with
> Unrecognised command.
which command?

Please test the telnet suggeston on that machine wher you configured your sendmail.


sendmail is only a communication agent for the server to the rest of the world.  when other machines want to deliver any messages (read emails) to any of the local user on the server they deliver it to sendmail which stores all such received mails in the respective users mbox files available under the /var/spool/mail directory.

popular pop daemons like cyrus-imap, dovecot, etc are daemons which can be run on the server to facilitate users to retrieve their messages from the server.  receiving emails from the server does not have anything to do with SENDMAIL.

only SENDING emails to others on the system or network or the world at large aka internet would use SENDMAIL.  

that being said, when you start outlook express / MS outlook the first thing it does is to retrieve your messages/emails from the server.  if the pop3 daemon were not to be running then you have EVERY chance of getting some error or the other.  the server should have port 110 open and listening when users try approaching it through port 110.

run a command
netstat -an | grep 110

You should get something like

tcp          0      *               LISTEN

which means that the server is willing to let others take their mails from the server.  If not, then you have to either start the dovecot, cyrus-imap or anything that is installed in the server and check for email receiving.

Once that part is done, you then try to send mails.  I will break my post here for ease of reference.


log into the server and try sending mails to local users first.

from the command line

sendmail -v some_local_user_name_here

sendmail -v stevemarsh99

the server would wait for your input from the keyboard. type anything that you like hit a couple of enters and a " . " (just a dot without any preceding spaces ) on the command line.  the mail should go out.  if you are logged in a root you can always check delivery by entering a command

mail -u stevemarsh99

which should list all mails for user "stevemarsh99".  if this part is successfull, then just start dovecot

service dovecot start
netstat -an | grep 110

after starting dovecot check if port 110 is open and the server is listening on that.  now go back and see if you can get mails from outlook / outlook express.

from the server itself you can also try a

telnet localhost 25

and then use the example given by ahoffmann to send a mail to your yahoo / gmail id and check for delivery.

if the email is delivered the next step is to send one more mail from command prompt.

sendmail -v stevemarsh99@ee_or_some_other_site.com
junk email sent from command prompt


now the server would give a whole list of messages back and a similar message should also be available in "/var/log/maillog"
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