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Cannot access POP3 access on Exchange 2003

Last Modified: 2010-03-06
I have a win server 2003 with Exchnage 2003 on it. I cannot connect to the POP3 by doing  telnet cacsvr 110. nothing happens. it seems pop3 is not enabled and i cannot download mail from mail.qstreetmds.com. I looked in the admin are on the server and it does not have the pop3 service. would this be the reason? I need it to work with qstreetmds.com. Please help. thanks!
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If you have exchange on the server, the windows pop3 should be disabled.  You need to check your pop3 setup through exchange manager.

Verify the windows pop3 is not turned on, and that the pop3 server in exchange is.
you may be better steve putting a pointer question in the exchange section
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If I understand correctly you want to DOWNLOAD POP3 mail from a mail provider and deliver it to your Exchange users.
Only the Small Business Edition of Exchange includes such type of connector (but its not very good).

There are several 3rd party tools to get POP3 mail downloaded and delivered:
 Just put "exchange pop3 connector" in your preferred Internet search page.

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Perhaps it would help if you outlined exactly what you want to do.

Do you want to collect email via POP3 from another server using Exchange?
Do you want to collect email from an Exchange mailbox using POP3?

While both use POP3, they are very different techniques.

If you want to collect email from a mailbox on Exchange, then you need to enable the POP3 service and start it as outlined above by Donnie4572.
If you want to collect email from another POP3 server using Exchange, then you will need to use a POP3 connector. SBS is the only version of Exchange that provides a POP3 connector, for the full version of Exchange you will have to use a third party tool. However that is not how Exchange is designed to work and you will have problems using a POP3 connector and certain scenarios of email not working correctly.

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