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MS Access and webmail marketing

wood1e asked
Last Modified: 2013-11-19

I have an access database of all the possible clients for a online admin solution I have set up.  But what I am looking for is am I able ot use Access to create a marketing email, HTML preferable?

I can create the HTML myself or obviously just write one, and have a text email...if that is better?

I could of course set one within the admin of the website...but I want to be able to do this myself rather than pay the developers anymore money :)  well certainly in the sort term....
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What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Do you want your customer to be able to log into a secure area and update certain areas of an already designed HTML template e-mail to send to their list?


I am want to be able send an email advertising our business...


bad english!!! I want to be able to send emails to prospective clients telling them about new add-ons and upgrades with our solution. Email marketing....
O.k. Then your best bet if you do not want to use a developer to create the server-side code that talks to the database would be a third-party re-sale solution such as Constant Contact (http://www.constantcontact.com/index.jsp) or Mailer Mailer (http://www.mailermailer.com/). Both companies provide outstanding service, great protection from getting your domain spam listed and custom template options so the design is your design.

If you need a more custom solution, let me know, but I don't recommend trying to manage the mail server yourself on your domain.


ok I see....with our solution we have an SMTP server installed...as it emails clients with their invoice, or we have POP3  email accounts that we could use to send?...so it is best not to use either? is this because it is easier to get caught up in anti spamming filters?
With security on networks being so tight, it is easy to get spam blocked. If you can avoid housing it on your server, it's better. Constant Contact uses an alias on their domain and is widely recognized as a safe sender. I manage a website with an extensive membership list and although all of the members have opted-in, I still find myself dealing with spam blockers. My advice is to stay away from it if you can. Also, with 3rd party programs, you can get some great statistics such as who opened, who blocked and who clicked through.
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Great info from kallestie.  That approach will save you a lot of work and headaches.  The service I have used and recommended often - www.verticalresponse.com - high quality and very affordable.


do any off them let you pay and not have all their logos at the bottom of the marketing emails?  Plus one other thing I will be emailing just to the 4000 or so possible users of this solution...so do I need all the seceret IP and sending servers etc?  :)
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