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can't access the hard drive

imaghost007 asked
Last Modified: 2010-08-05
i was working on this 3.5 inch Seagate SATA hard drive enclosed in a Gigasave 3.5" hard drive enclosure. While i was moving my data from this drive to another usb external hard drive, both plugged into the same computer (was cutting the data from this drive and pasting to the other), i came across this message "Windows Write Delayed (your data might lost or something Gosh i dont remember the exact words either)". Anyway experts know wt im talking about.

      it kept appearing again n again and i could not complete the data transfer so i unplugged both of the hard drives, of which one is working fine but other is not working at all. The drive which is working doesnt need any external power but the one which isnt working needs an external power. i just remove the connection from the computrer but didnt cut off the power supply to the hard disk , so there should not be any problem in parking the drive's head properly but When i re-plugped it into the USB port i can hear the sound of new hardware detection and it comes up with the message USB mouse storage but doesnt comes up with any drive partition.
      i've 3 partitions of this drive and its size is 320 GB and formatted for 100 GB for each of these 3 partitions. One partition is approx full but others  2 have at least 50 Gigs of space each. Is there anyway i can get this drive working without formatting or erasing my data coz its quite important.

The option I've already tried

changed the usb port of the drive tht it was plugged into. didnt work
Try restarting the drive and computer both, didnt work
changed the machines to plug the same hard drive but these machines say they have detected "USB Device" but dont show the contents of the drives.
opened the hard drive enclosure to check whether the drive head is spinning i can feel its moving so there is no head freeze problem

Now the ball is in the court of Computer Geeks . hope to get a solution soon. Thx to guys with big brains ...cheers
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Top Expert 2012

There may be a component that failed in the enclosure electronics.  If you remove the drive from the enclosure and hook it up directly to an IDE or SATA connector in the desktop, you may be able to read it fine.


oh yes i forgot tht im using winxp home edition....does it make it easier to answer the above question?
Top Expert 2012

It has nothing to do with the nature of the problem.  Here are some other explanations and solutions: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/330174
Chris BRetired

Observation only <<While i was moving my data from this drive to another usb external hard drive>>. Never move data. Copy, confirm, delete. Avoids most things which can(so will) go wrong.

Chris B
Distinguished Expert 2019
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i dont have a computer where i can plug tht drive directy coz itd doesnt have a SATA drive connection. I'll try to borrow someone else computer to check if it works. thx for ur support @callandor


the problem is fixed Alhamdolillah. i got another same enclosure put the drive in ....n it started working. and after that put the hard drive into the original enclosure its working perfect ......thx for ur help
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