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Blackberry Pearl USB Charging Windows XP Windows Update Driver INstallation

gbilboe asked
Last Modified: 2012-05-05
Where to start?

We're about to deploy the Blackberry Pearl within our Microsoft XP enviroment.

Using BES4 we do not intend to use the Desktop Manager Software.

Unfortunatley the Pearl requires driver files for the USB charging to work correctly.

If you install the Desktop Manager Software USB charging works.  If you don't, you get an error on the screen of the Blackberry informing you that no drivers files are installed and USB charging will not work.

Fair Enough.

I have tried installing purely the driver files only - RimUSB.sys, Rimusbnt.cat, RimUsbNT.inf - It picks up some of the hard ware but not all.

I've tried installing these files within our RIS image so that when the PC builds it installs them - same result.

I found a technote on RIm's website  - http://www.blackberry.com/btsc/search.do?cmd=displayKC&docType=kc&externalId=KB04482&sliceId=SAL_Public&dialogID=2256738&stateId=0%200%201937961

Basically says - USB Kernel driver to allow USB charging available through windows update. - Hurrah!

So I go to windows update - It recognizes the device and installs perfectly - USB charging works.

But i don't want to do that on several hundred pc's.

Before I go any further On the machine with just the driver installed manually you get the following Under Universal Serial Bus controllers section of system
USB Mass Storage Device.

Under the windows update one it lists the addtional including the above
Blackberry Device
USB Composite Device

Viewing the properties of these shows they are using the installed RIMUSB.sys file.

So, from windows update I went to administration settings and downloaded the file for Rim USB.  This is in the form of a CAB file which contains  - you've guessed it the same three files as above. RimUSB.sys, Rimusbnt.cat, RimUsbNT.inf.  

So whats the difference?

Yes I've tried right clicking the INf file and doing and 'install'

So i guess my question is what is windows update doing differently?  And how do i replicate it?

Another point - we do have WSUS but this does not have these drivers available.  Could i copy the CAB file i downloaded to the WSUS server and push it out that way? - if so, how?

Many thanks for any suggestions and help
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If you have the same three files, it sounds like it is just a registration issue for the files involved.
The OS is most likely going through the hardware installation procedure behind the scenes for installing and registering those files, a step that you are not doing.

I don't know enough about WSUS to know how to make this work ... I would expect that you should be able to use it to distribute the drivers though.


So any ideas on how to replicate that?

This page might help ... http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/driver/install/default.mspx
It looks like you might need to create an ini file or inf file to handle the install via an automation package ... was there one with the cab file?
If you got the update from MS Update can you tell the WSUS server about it, let it download it and then distribute to the client machines?

This one is on us!
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You Sir or Madam, are a genius.

All you ever wnated to know about driver files but were afraid to ask...

Many thanks - I downloaded the the Driver Install Frameworks Tools and used Dpinst.exe to install the three files - worked a treat.

As we use Zen to deploy apps it was then just a case of creating a new Zen app to call Dpinst.exe  from the network share where the three inf cat and sys files reside.

Works a treat - headache over.

Many Thanks
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