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Information about Directory Services could not be entirely obtained error on Exchange 2000

Last Modified: 2012-08-14

I have a Windows 2000 domain. All servers are running W2K Advanced server w/ SP4.
There are two domain controllers. Both are global catalogs.
Active directory is replicating OK and there are Gig links between all servers.
There are also two Exchange 2000 Enterprise servers w/ SP3.
The EX1 server on an almost daily basis will stop responding once or twice. We usually notice this when we are in Outlook (2000) and a message pops up stating that Outlook is waiting for a response from the Exchange server. When I go to the server all the Exchange service will be running but the ESM will be unresponsive like the stores are dismounted. Trying to stop and re-start services does no good, it times out stopping the info store service. The only way to get EX1 functioning again is to reboot. Looking in the Application event logs I see Events 2103 (MSExchangeDSAccess) and 2110 (MSExchangeDSAccess). This made me look at connectivity, DNS and WINS. A netdiag /v on EX1 showed that the server discovered both DC's (and GC'c) OK and returned no errors. Dcdiag looks good. DNS and WINS seem to be functioning correctly and do not have incorrect entries. Security/permissions on EX1 (in ADSI Edit) look OK.
I noticed that when I go into the properties of EX1 in ESM and click on the Directory Assess tab I receive an error saying:
"Information about Directory Services could not be entirely obtained. Check to see that Microsoft Exchange Management service is running on the Exchange 2000 server." (The service is installed and running.)
Once I click OK the Directory Access tab is viewable but all normal configurable options are grayed out and only DC1 is listed instead of both DC's, bith GC's and the Configuration DC (like on EX2). I am not able to click or change/select anything.
When I try to do the same for EX2 everything is normal an working fine.
Does anyone have ideas what is causing this? What am I overlooking?
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go to the registry mentioned and manually enter the GC's in ur doamin and see if ur problem is solved



Thank you for the response. I forgot to mention that I already tried that with no luck. I'm not sure since we are running Exchange 2000 Enterprise and the article is for Exchange 2000 Standard or what but adding all the keys did not help anything.

Any other ideas?

joe if i were you i will make a call to MS and pay the 300.00 out of my own pocket if my job was on the line....but if i was not affraid of losing my job i will do this....

first go ahead and take away the GC role from the server having problemmm....restart both DC's and ask all clients to restart....Outlook client DSPROXY will point them to the only GC.....then wait a few days and see if the outlook clients are still having problem...i dont think they will.....if this fixed the problem then u can repromot the DC to GC again....

if that did not fix the problem then i would go ahead and see who is the FSMO holder....and if it is the problem DC i would just move it to the next server.....and wait again see if my problem is solved...

as a last resort if my problem is not solved i would just demote the problem DC.......

to see which GC outlook clients are pointing....click on address book....tools ...option....and check the properties of global address list....



Althoough I appreciated Vahik's comments none provided a solution. We ended up re-loaded the Exchange server C: (system) partition and used the disaster recovery switch and all the problems were resolved.
I would think Vahik should get at least a couple hundred points for the effort but probably not the full 500.
Thanks for the help.
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