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Keywords & domain names- Questions about format

ablabium asked
Last Modified: 2010-04-09

I have much conflicting information about how to format my keywords.  
<meta name="keywords" content=".......">
Some people say to separate the list with commas, others say comma plus a space. What about phrases, two or three words?

Some people say to separate words in domain name with hyphens, so the search engines can find them.  I see many domain names that are strung together as one long word.  Which is more effective, or does it matter?

Please discuss. Thanks.
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Hi Ablabium,

the meta keywords should be separated by commas like "html, microsoft words, microsoft office".  This is because "microsoft words office" doesn't work as well when search engine is queried for "microsoft office" phrase instead of single word.
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Thanks Slyong and Underdog.

I guess my outstanding question is, about the commas in keywords, "Do I do COMMA/SPACEbar or just COMMA/new word?"  
If I use a phrase like "microsoft office,"  do I need to put an "office," as well, or will the phrase serve both purposes.  This might be splitting hairs, but i'm trying to be pithy and potent.  

I've been given conflicting info.

Thanks for clearing up the domain name issues;  people don't like to use the dash, that I thought was mandatory for the search engines.

I would recommend:

"microsoft, office, microsoft office"

without forgetting to put your most relevant keywords first :)

What under_dog suggested is correct.  However, do not put too much repeat like:

"microsoft, office, microsoft office, offices, MICROSOFT" <-- would be considered as SPAM.

Also take note that you might not want to spend too much time in meta keywords, since officially most search engines do not pay much attention to meta keyword.  However, pay more attention to your meta description. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Search_engine_optimization)


Thanks, you's!
What a pair!

Yes, I understand that keywords are not as important as actual page content these days, that is why I want to maximize the keywords correctness.

I have a template that tells me to separate keywords with commas only.  I think that is wrong.
I think I have to use a comma and a space, like you did above.  

Maybe the commas are old way?     compare no space:     "Microsoft,office,Microsoft office"
                                            and  with space:
                                                                        "Microsoft, office, Microsoft office."

I was worried that the template NEEDS no space.  But I don't think that should matter?
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