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Is there a trainer for a Draenei Shaman in the Night Elf or Human regions in WoW?

jerrykobes asked
Last Modified: 2013-12-26
Are there trainer for a Draenei shaman in the Night Elf an human regions in WoW? I want to migrate to the Night Elf or Human areas and am worried I won't be able to find a Shaman trainer over there since those races don't have the option of becoming a Shaman. Are there any Shaman trainers in those areas?
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you can be ported or summoned to shattrah city in outland, regardless of level.  i've never really played a shammie before but i hear they get something called astral recall, which reduces their hearth timer down to 15 or by 15 minutes.  shattrah has portals to all the major cities....
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Just to clarify, it's not you can't get into Outland at less than level 58, it's just that most of the NPC's there are 62+ (!)
Astral Recall reduces Hearth casting timer by 25% (Nice if you want to get home quickly! :))

it's something like, you can't walk through the portal until 58 but porting or summoning is a different story.

Summoning was a bug which should have fixed in todays patch tho not in the patch notes, there are trainers in stormwind and on your island - thats it for azeroth!

Unfortunately, you are probably stuck going back to Exodar or Stormwind every time that you get two levels.  Fortunately though, Stormwind is generally easy to get to from wherever you are, including Exodar.  I know that Silvermoon city (the blood elf starting zone) has a portal to Undercity which also has a Paladin trainer, so I am assuming that Exodar is along the same thing.

Also, there are zero class Trainers in the Outlands.  The best way to get to a trainer and back to the Outlands is to bind yourself in Shattrath, which is in Terrokar Forest, and take one of the portals to the main city of your choosing, which for you would be Exodar.  

The Stormwind trainer is in an unusual location - on an island south of the main bridge in.

Now, if only I didn't have to take my warlock all the way back to Ironforge when adventuring in Bloodmyst...
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