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Good free equalizer software to improve incoming music streams on PC (not players)

Last Modified: 2013-11-18
Do you know of any free alternatives to this equalizer (not sure what you call this type of app)?  So far my searches have only brought me wav or mp3 music playing software which is not what I'm looking for.  Currently I'm streaming songs from my online xmradio account and want to enhance the stream like this does but looking for a free app to do the same:

Looking for applications similar to this: http://www.srs-store.com/store-plugins/mall/sas-plugin.asp
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winamp has a good equalizer and streams well to, most pc software such as equalizers usualy ship with a media player

check these out all equalizers only

what is the media player your using?

Hi dba123,

Some alternatives for you:

GEQ15P 1:
GEQ15P is a graphic equalizer plug-in for Windows Media Player 9 Series or later


DAFX Studio:
DAFX Studio is a professional audio enhancing studio for winamp and other softwares which support winamp DSP plugin.


WebEQ XP 1.0:
WebEQ XP is a real-time 10 band graphic equalizer for your computer--it optimizes your PC's sound system so that your computer's audio can achieve the highest quality sound.


NMC player 2.5a:
Newszi's Media Center (NMC) is a multi purpose graphical media player written in C#2.0 using the award winning MPlayer. It features a 10 band graphic equalizer:


Hope these help and Good luck!


>>>winamp has a good equalizer and streams well to

so you're saying that I can use the xmradio streamer software (www.xmradio.com, I log in and use their stream player), and only use winamp for improving the quality of what's being streamed into my PC (sound card) regardless what player I'm using.  I would think winamp is still that you have to play the music through the winamp player.  If I have to use the winamp player then this is not what I'm looking for.  Let me know if winamp can be used specifically for improving ANY stream, not by using its player.


I'm not using media player....but I have the latest installed, player 11

I am using the xm streamer software.  I heard you can stream anything through media player though...even xm?  I just don't understand how to pick up a stream when it's playing through a proprietary player such as xm inside lets say media player.


again, only free...no trials is what I'm looking for also.

graphic equalizers or equalizer software  are used to improve audio that is played thru your personal media player, you are not uisng your own personal media player.
 your using a product (media player/ streamer ) that you have to log onto to use Paid for it sems as you must have an account to access them >I log in and use their stream player.

You cant alter this using any free equalizers or graphic equalizers, the only way to improve sound quality here is to buy a better sound card but even that may not resolve the problem.
The problem it seems is the xm streamer software.
Whatever media player/or streaming device they provide you with to listen to thier streams will restirct you to change or modify their product.

The fact you have to logon to access this stream is the problem, if you were just streaming off the free web then you could add that stream to  numerous players cause its free or there is no binding contract. Default player.
If you can find a way to get access to their streaming product outisde of the contract your have signed up for ( login to access) it would be in breacxh of that account.


>>>You cant alter this using any free equalizers or graphic equalizers

wrong.  I log into www.xmradio.com.  I start their music player.  I run this, and it improves whatever incoming stream is currently playing through your sound card regardless of what player is streaming it:


so, in turn, my post is to find one which is decent but free.

Second, I am wondering and have been told (side topic) that you can stream stuff from a login such as xmradio to Media Player by connecting to the login account using MP, does anyone know where and how to do this in MP 11?  Or if this is indeed possible cause I can't find a way to do what someone in EE says you can do...it was a previous post I had PAQ but never really saw a way to do what supposedly they say you can with MP.


Same thing goes with a product such as GoldWave.  It DOESN'T care what is streaming the darn stuff, it only picks up what your sound card is producing.  Thus, conclusion, your player is independent of some equalizers out there and I'm on a quest to find those that are free.  I could care less about the player, more about a product which picks up whatever stream and improves it.  My sound card is absolutely capable of better sound.  Thats what http://www.srs-store.com/store-plugins/mall/sas-plugin.asp provides....I just don't want to pay for it right now, I'm poor.  There has to be some equalizers out there only, that are free, no trials that do the same exact thing.


So what you'r eall telling me is no, you don't know of any software off hand.  Because what I am saying is capable....proof using http://www.srs-store.com/store-plugins/mall/sas-plugin.asp


Surround Sound – regardless of speaker configuration

For users that have a 5.1 and or 6.1 surround sound configuration, the SRS Audio Sandbox creates true multichannel surround sound from any audio source

dba123 I provided a large selection of free graphic equalizers already.
Comment from Merete
Date: 01/27/2007 10:23PM EST
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try looking for graphic equalizers


Merete, yes but they're all trials, not free


this isn't really like what I am looking for, it's too technical

I want something similar to the simplicity and coolness as http://www.srs-store.com/store-plugins/mall/sas-plugin.asp
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