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Polycom with no remote video or audio VSX 700a

msidnam asked
Last Modified: 2008-01-09
We have 3 Polycom VSX 7000a devices in 3 seperate locations. Our locations are connected via Bellsouth's Metro E lines (100mbps). One Polycom device has the ability to call two devices for a 3 way video conference. Recently when we call the the two devices we can not see or hear them but they can see and hear us. I've been checking all 3 devices and i dont see anything that has changed (as far as i can tell).I'm guessing its a port issue (although we don't have a firewall inbetween the offices, only out to the internet). But i find it strange they can see and hear us fine but we can see or hear them.
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I have a third device on another floor. i could try calling one of the remote offices with it to see if it has the same issue. i cant call but one since the other device doesnt have the option to call multiple devices.

I would try that then and see if the problem persists.

Polycom is usually pretty reliable, but hardware does fail.



Internally (from one device to another on the same network) it works. I also tried calling the devices that dont work from another seperate Polycom and the same thing happens (no remote voice or video but they can see and hear me). I am thinking hardware (like you said) or a setting in the device. Its just wierd that both remote offices are having the same issue. and one started happening a week before the other.
I wouldnt say that this sounded like a hardware fault, it really does sound to me like port blocking of some sort. What version of software are the systems on (check they are all the same), I think the latest version is 8.5.2
Could you explain the network in more detail? Is anything clever going on? QoS? VPN? Please give as much detail as possible.


all the devices are on the same software rev (although it is old). we were able to fix it. we had to reset the device that  was the caller and remove the settings. we were able to then call the other two offices and we could then see and hear them.

Interesting. There may be a known issue with the software / firmware and you might consider doing some updates. That said, if this problem dosent cause a lot of grief and dosent reoccur too often you may get away with just resetting things from time to time.


I have a call into tech support for the same reasons you state above. we use the equipment quite often and need to make sure its up to par :)
I would strongly suggest that you upgrade the firmware/software on the devices. If you need help try calling First Connections helpdesk on +44 1256 301703


I have been trying to update the firmware but at 87% it gets stuck and says "Retrying". Tech support said to use a crossover cable and try it.

foobar_666uk, already recomended upgrading the firmware / software.

msidnam, if you are having problems with the firmware update you might be having some sort of network issue (unless the firmware has a problem that is causing connectivity issues).

If the crossover cable works I would try replacing the cable and possibly even changing the port on your switch.

You can try reclaiming the flash on the Polycom system, maybe this is causing problems with upgrading too.

1. Power off the endpoint
2. Hold down the 0 key on your remote control and power the endpoint back on (keep pressing 0)
3. The endpoint will reclaim its flash and boot into BootUI mode.
4. From a PC try upgrading the firmware again from its BootUI mode.

I would suggest that all upgrades are done via a local cable.
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