algorithms to create an Artificial Intelligent Chatter!( a program that can chat with human)

I want to build a program that can chat with human but I don't know any algorithms to create one. For example, if I say "hello! How are you", the AI chatter will answer: " Very well! You're so kind!". I have experience in java and C#.
So where can I find these algorithms?
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It's not exactly straight forward.

If you're looking for something ready built, is a decent script, and the source is (usually) available from  Unfortunately the latter seems to be down (disappeared?) right now.

If you're attempting to go for something of Turing test standard, and planning to make it yourself, you've got a lot of work ahead of you.

You could start by doing some reading around Neural Networks, Rule Based Learning or Case Based Reasoning, and decide on which approach you think will work best for you.

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0306n70Author Commented:
thanks ozo, but I still need more help
  Chat with a human how?
   1)Easy:  No or minimal interaction with what the human has put in, just splat out randomly selected sentences, or use a cunning rule. For instance, play twenty questions: the computer responds "yes", "no", "maybe" as to whether the last letter of the entered sentence was a vowel, a consonant, or a "y". (This was a Victorian parlour game)  On the next round, swap to employing the penultimate letter.
   2)Hard: via (many) templates, cunningly chosen, prepare responses incorporating parts of what the human entered in the previous statement. Expand the matching ability via a thesaurus yet not slip context. Too much. Such as Eliza and Parry as mentioned by ozo. Or a constrained domain such as Block World, except the human may want to type about something else...
   3) Not possible: fully parse the human's sentences in the context of an ongoing discussion with the computer having a viewpoint of its own to convey and defend against query, employing a full natural language grammar with elision, allusion, puns, metaphors, misspellings, the lot. You'll find examples of such conversations in articles discussing what sort of behaviour might be thought of as passing a Turing game, with however no workable suggestions as to how it might be generated.

   Remember: the grammar of natural (that is, human) languages is not just context-dependent, it is non-computable.
0306n70Author Commented:
i'm interested in Eliza and Parry but the algorithms mentioned by ozo were so simple. What i want is a more specific ebook!
Stanley HonourManager Information SystemsCommented:
These recomendations are outdated.   Currently the best AI chatbots are (as of June 2008):
Ultrahal.  Alice at   Or   Or
Further developments include  Speech to text and text to speech I/O  as in:
STT ---> chatbot  ---> TTS    Also  Antimation 'Avatars'  i.e. talking heads are part of the mix now; see or or Jabberwacky among others.  About the best of this tech in a robot can be seen in the Japanese Repliee Der2 on youtube.   Recently some Chatbot AI has been added to certain phone auto attendants.  A recent IBM product is even sensitive to your tone of voice.
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