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understanding paths for procmail on fedora core 4 virtual dedicated server

biotec asked
Last Modified: 2013-12-06

We have everything working now, including postfix

everything needed here is already installed such as procmail, and lynx

I have a procmail script that forwards mail to a php script on the website, but I'm not fully understanding how to configure procmail for this mail user

the mail user is update@

on the old server update@ had a home directory where the procmail stuff was at.

On the new server there doesn't seem to be any user directories

currently procmail is commented out in the main.cf file

#mailbox_command = /some/where/procmail
#mailbox_command = /some/where/procmail -a "$EXTENSION"

the real path to my procmail is /usr/in/procmail , but I don't understand what needs to come after that for this to work properly

I understand that this might also be accomplished by adding something to the aliases file, but my aliases file appears to be blank, right now my post fix directory looks like this

LICENSE      header_checks     post-install         transport
TLS_LICENSE  main.cf           postfix-files        turbopanel
access       main.cf.default   postfix-script       virtual
aliases      main.cf.tpsave    relocated            virtual_alias
aliases.db   makedefs.out      sender_canonical     virtual_alias.db
canonical    master.cf         sender_canonical.db  virtual_domains
generic      master.cf.tpsave  ssl                  virtual_domains.db

Can anybody give me hints as to what other information I need to obtain, to get procmail up and running?

thank you
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But where do I put this .forward file if there is no user's home directory?  Or at least from what I can see, there isn't a user's home directory, maybe I'm missing something

There is a home directory for the site, but doesn't appear to be any for the individual mail users.



also, I checked the passwd file on the virtual server, and it appears that there are only accounts for the site user, and not for the individual mail users.    I don't quite get this.

> ..  if there is no user's home directory?
then you have in deed  touse postfix's mailbox command.
You then have to configure your .procmail file to handle *all* users in the way you want, I guees this .procmailrc have to be in the home directory of the user running postfix.


how do you figure out what user postfix is running as?
ps aux
# or check your config files :)
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