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DNS issues - can't get to a site on our SBS server from inside the network, but works OK from outside

Last Modified: 2010-04-10
I inherited an SBS 2003 network - 1 sbs server with 4 desktops.  There are some issues that need to get resolved.  The SBS server has a single nic.  the linksys router has its dhcp disabled and the SBS server is the dhcp and dns server.  

the sbs box is giving out its own ip ( as the dns server and the router ( as the gateway.  They are on a static IP and the ISP manages the firewall.

their domain is managed / hosted by an outside hosting company - mail and web are at IP x.x.x.x   and we use the pop3 connector in SBS to get the mail from the ouside mail host.

from outside the LAN, we can type owa.ourdomain.com and get to the OWA page on the sbs server and everything is fine (we had only port 443 opened on the firewall).

But why can't we get to it from inside.  we wind up getting a http://sea.search.msn.com/dnserror.aspx?FORM=DNSAS&q=owa.ourdomain.com

Anyone know what settings do we need in dns on our SBS box?  Another issue is that mail sent from the exchange server is bouncing back, and that's supposed to be related to a PTR record we need for our IP.  so I want to fix to be specific for the owa host, not the entire domain.

I changed the actual domain to ourdomain.com so don't bother trying to troubleshoot the ourdomain.com!!!

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Just open up the DNS control panel and add a new host (A) record for the owa.yourdomain.com name and give it the INTERNAL ip of the server (

As for your email bouncing, you need to contact your ISP for the PTR record, only they can do that.



Does this sound right:

first thing  that I realized I left out - the name server is hosted on the outside the building server.  they created a subdomain / a record on the name server and then use htaccess to redirect (owa redirects to exchange.ourdomain.com/exchange to get to the OWA screen).  everyone can get to the web pages (hosted outside) but that owa doesn't work. the inside domain name is OD.local.

But following yoru advice, on our server, I created a new zone ourdomain.com, added an a record for owa and the outside server IP, I also included an a record of * with the outside hosted IP address.  and our sbs box is called exchange.  I created an a record for that pointing to

that seems to have gotten it working from the desktops, but at the server I can't get to the outside server with owa (which would redirect back to the exchange server), www or even exchange...

I would have thought that forwarding would send any requests to the outside anyway - both on the desktops and server, and then the outside name server would reflect it back. the only reason ourdomain.com is treated differently than all others is because of the exchange box / pop3 connector?

How do you tell the server to use its own dns?  ipconfig /all DOES show on the exchange box that it is it's primary DNS server.  so why doesn't it treat itself like it treats the desktops?!


OK.  I ran ipconfig /flushdns.   now I can use owa, exchange and www.ourdomain.com...

but from the outside, I can type just ourdomain and get to the website.  on the server, it gets the msn search.  I DO have a * A record pointing to the outside server.

and again, any thoughts why I need the dns entry for the domain anyway?  

You need to create another "A" record for just "yourdomain.com" and give it the same IP as "www.yourdomain.com".


an a record for yourdomain.com?  then it'll show that as yourdomain.comyourdomain.com as the full address!?  I thoguht that's what the * record does?

Actually, what I just tried is to leave the host name blank in an a record?

it created an a record that says (same as parent folder)  and that seems to have done it.  Think I could delete the *?  Probably not, right?  That is doing something different, right?  that catches host1.ourdomain.com, host2....

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