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HP Laserjet 2300 Printing problem

ullmanneric asked
Last Modified: 2008-01-09
We are having a weird issue that just happened. we have a laserjet 2300 with a jetdirect card in place. Here the problem. It seems liek the thrree lights ready data,etc keep flashing and it say intializing and stay there like it locks up. if i lift the top cover and place it down let it do it things and then turn the power off again and back on it will eventually go to ready and i can ping the printer then but then i go to print a confiquration page from the hp laserjet 2300 menu on the prionter it prints the page but still says on the lcd screen printing confiquration and then i can no longer ping the priner nor does anythign in queue print.  What could be the problem here it seems strange.
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I did all the steps you told me to do and it worked great I can now print the config page without it locking up but i put the jetdirect cqard in and it does not reconize it there though.
I suspect the network card has gone south for the winter.. When you run the config. page, there is a spot that tells you what 'options' are installed with the printer. If the network card does not show up on this page, the card is bad. OR you should be getting a 2nd page along with the config. page denoting the card information. If this is missing, you have a bad card


Yes but the serial number and formater after the reset show up  as xxx now not here numbers is that part of it
If the serial number and formatter is showing up as XXXX--, the machine has had a factory reset performed. This coild also erase all the settings for you network card. As I mentioned, you need to remove the card before performing one of the resets. Are you getting the 2nd page when you print the configuration page? If you are, does it show the IP address you were using? If you're on a DHCP network, you may have had a new address assigned OR if you're using a static IP, you may have to manually add the address. Are the lights coming on when you look at the 'network card' (two little green lights). If the lights are not on, your card is bad.


no lights and i am not getting a second page


How do i input the seral number and formatter back into the printer
OK, change your network card. Your 'service ID' mode is how you reenter this information. Code is '11230002'  But you cannot do anything with the formatter number, it cannot be added.
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