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Can't connect to video-chat using iChat AV

Last Modified: 2008-02-26
Hello, I'm running iChat AV and seem to be having problems connecting. When I try connecting with a girlfriend, it fails, and same with  my roommates, who are on the same internet connection/router. When I tried with another girlfriend, however, it worked.

When I tried connecting with my roommate and couldn't, I ran connection doctor, and here's what it said:

007-01-31 16:40:53 -0800: No data has been received for the last 10 seconds.
Audio channel info: local machine using, expecting remote machine to send to
Video channel info: local machine using, expecting remote machine to send to


Chat ended with error -20


Chat ended with error -20

Is it a firewall issue? Is it something on my end that I need to fix, or theirs? Please help!
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Eoin OSullivanConsultant

I am assuming the connection that worked was to someone OUTSIDE your local network?  And that you can't connect to users who are on the same network router ...

The error message is indicating that when you try and connect the network router is trying to connect to the other computer as if it was OUTSIDE your local network.

All computers on your LOCAL network should have an IP address like 192.168.0.xxx .. the network router however is TRYING to connect you to the other computers AS IF they were OUTSIDE the local network ... this is causing the error.

You need to look at the configuration of the Network Router so that it properly redirects traffic INTERNALLY on your network.

You may also want to Open the Network Preferences in your System Preferences and check that the under the TCP/IP settings of your network the ROUTER is entered correctly .. it is probably something like and also enter it in the DNS Servers box and see if that resolves your issue.

You probably can get this to work easily, however another option is that you can just download Windows Messanger for the MAC. http://www.microsoft.com/mac/
Since you are not in a work environment you probably wont be utilizing the special features of iChat like Spotlight and mailbox's.  
Or you could retry to connect, if you get the same error make sure that you try turning off the Firewall for a second, or enable DHCP on you router.  


eoinosullivan, one of the people I was unable to connect with lives 5 hours away, while the person I was able to connect with only lives 3 hours away. I understand what you are saying about my roommates, who are on the same network... otherwise I'm pretty lost. I'm not very computer literate, please excuse me.

zagroupie, how do I turn off my firewall or enable DHCP?

thank you. :)
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