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Remote editing of Asterisk Dialplan

Chokehold asked
Last Modified: 2010-08-05
I have been looking at the Asterisk Manager API, because i thought this would offer me the ability to connect to my Asterisk machine and edit the dial plan using some of the API commands/actions. .... ... I have found myself in a dead end ... Don't think it is possible to edit dialplan through Asterisk Manager API, or is IT ????

If it's not possible to edit dialplans through this API, are there any other simple ways. Is it even possible without running another service on the asterisk machine ???

Really need help on this one ...

Many Thanks ..

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You can store the asterisk configuration in a database and then you can use any database programming in whatever language you are using to change the dialplan.



I've setup a MySql database to contain my configurations, in this case the extension.conf and the SIP.conf. I noticed that there is some talking about accesing this database through the Manager API on the www.voip-info.org page. Is it only possible/allowed through the manager API or is it also alowed to access it through a normal connection to the database and using sql queries ? ...

Another question: When i have updated the db with f.ex. a new (updated) dialplan, must i reload the configuration using the API commands ?

Many thanks for the reply, im really stuck with this and a total amateur using Asterisk ;)
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