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global.asa vs. global.asax vs. global.asax.vb vs. web.config vs. ???

Doug Bishop
Doug Bishop asked
Last Modified: 2008-01-09
I am BRAND NEW to asp/asp.net programming. Eight months ago, my supervisor started working on a replacement intranet site for our current one, using a combination of both asp and asp.net. The home page is asp. Links from there can take you to an application that is either written completely in asp or completely (so it seems so far) in aspx.

I was handed the project last week (I think my supervisor must have thought I was getting bored) after it sat abandoned for almost six months. Talk about out of the frying pan into the fire, I am singed all over. I think I've figured out global.asa. I am still working on web.config. I don't know about global.asax, except it contains a reference to global.asax.vb, which is a class that appears to behave somewhat similarly to global.asa (global.asax contains [<%@ Application Codebehind="Global.asax.vb" Inherits="manage.Global" %>]).

Some questions I would like answered please:
1) Is global.asa processed in asp.net (can I keep using it or do I need to copy my application and session variables elsewhere)?
2) Can someone provide a little overview on how web.config is used in relationship to other application-wide files (global....)?
3) Is global.asax usually used for anything more than a reference to global.asax.vb?
4) Is global.asax.vb basically the equivelant to global.asa?
5) Can someone sit down with me and teach me asp/aspx in about 20 minutes :-)

I'm sure this is an easy question for a lot of you experts, but I am desperate to get rolling on this ASAP (not to be confused with ASAX). Points awarded as indicated. If question 5 is completed satisfactorily, an additional 5,000 points will be awarded [LOL]
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This one is on us!
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also, go to www.asp.net

they have a lot of videos and starter kits that will get you going farily quickly...

but i still doubt you could d/l it all much less learn it in your 20min time limit! ...
Doug BishopDatabase Developer


samtran0331: I am disappointed! You didn't even try. I'm a pretty quick learner once it is explained to me. Oh well, I tried. I really did get this dumped in my lap. I am a VB6/SQL Server programmer who wants to migrate to .NET, but I did not think it would be quite like this. This isn't a migration, it is a full frontal attack. I guess I better be checking the bookstores for something that will teach me .net pretty quickly. I always figured the best way to learn was by doing and I am now doing.

I will go ahead and award you the points. Thanks for the info. I'll check out the web site you provided.
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>>I am a VB6/SQL Server programmer who wants to migrate to .NET

I was in the same situation!
There was one book specifically on moving from VB6 to .NET....I'll see if I can dig up the title once I get home...

"Learn by doing" was the best...also...this site helped a lot too!

I started answering questions on EE and it was one of the best ways to get my skills up...
all the books and tutorials have "working" code in it...personally...I don't learn well like that....this site however...has code that needs fixing...and finding the solution for EE people really helped me learn...
Doug BishopDatabase Developer


samtran0331: Great. I will look forward to any help I can get. Let me know about the book.
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