Script - add a preferred wireless network

Hi All,

Is there any way to create a script that when run can add a wireless network connection to the list of preferred wireless networks ?? The script needs to add the ssid, network authentication and data encryption values.
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could do it with a vbscript solution...would that interest you or are you looking for a dos batch solution?
dubisteamAuthor Commented:
Sorry !! thats waht i was looking for !! I didnt know where to post this question but i was looking for a vbscript. If you could give me the code i would be really grateful. Thanks !!

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dubisteamAuthor Commented:
Hi Sirbounty,

The points are yours. Thanks. Is there any way of setting network authentication and data encryption values within that script ?!!
network authentication - probably not...
data encryption - maybe...what are you trying to set it to?
dubisteamAuthor Commented:
data encryption set to disabled ?
Hmm - no, I doubt that can be automated either...sorry...
dubisteamAuthor Commented:
thats no problem. Thanks again for the help
Glad I could assist.
Thanx for the grade! :^ )

Ive been looking around for something like this for about 3 weeks.  The script doesnt seem to work though?

Can you shed any light on it sirbounty?

The first time I ran it it went off the screen within about 5 secs which I thought was a good sign.  Since editing the script to match the wireless settings I require it stays on the screen.

Can you help me out any, or would you prefer me to create a new question so I can allocate points?

dubisteamAuthor Commented:
HI johns ar

Better to create a new question.

In case anyone needs any help with this to do it with a script, since GP is not always a solution here is how i did it:
Download this tool from Symantec:
On the page there is help with the commands, but this is step by step how i did it:
OK, first we pull the GUID for the machine to pull from:

C:\WLAN.exe ei
There are 1 interfaces in the system.
Interface 0:
        GUID: 8d91c644-2e6b-46e7-b346-82b7b0f787a9
        Intel(R) WiFi Link 5300 AGN - Packet Scheduler Miniport
        State: "connected"

Command "ei" completed successfully.

Next we will use the GUID we pulled(8d91c644-2e6b-46e7-b346-82b7b0f787a9):

C:\WLAN.exe gpl 8d91c644-2e6b-46e7-b346-82b7b0f787a9
There are 2 profiles on the interface.
Command "gpl" completed successfully.

Next we export the settings from the needed profile, in this case MCSD:

C:\WLAN.exe gp 8d91c644-2e6b-46e7-b346-82b7b0f787a9 MCSD>export.xml

On the target machine the GUID must be queried by using the ei command:

wlan.exe ei

once we have the target GUID we can apply the export file to it:

c:\wlan.exe sp NewGuidFromTarget C:\export.xml

This is the process to complete it, a user naamed tomssd on the Symantec forum where this tool is available from created a script to deploy this to multiple machines, and we verified it works.
Good luck!!
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