CSS to control scroll bar width

Hi all,
Can i set the scrollbar width on a html component.
a multiline textbox for example using CSS?

I'm doing something like this :
but i need thicker scrollbars for one of the parts.
Any ideas?
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As far as I am aware there is no way to do that with CSS, only way I could think of would be to use Javascript.
If you meen actually setting the widths of the scroll bars, i have never heard of this in CSS and as far as i know the scroll bar width is defined by the OS... you can change the 'style' of the scroll bar, color (and if i remeber right that only works in IE)etc... with CSS, but not the width!

Sorry i couldnt have been of any more help to you!

 - Animasu
Examples of using Javascript...


May be other libraries out there as well.

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CoreSupportAuthor Commented:
Hey all,
Yeah I think the OS controls it. If you change it in the OS it changes everywhere.
Thats why i wanted to see if CSS had that power.
pD_EO, Quick question! i noticed your a master level at javascript, how did you learn? i can't seem to pick it up...

- Animasu
Nope it dosnt seem to CoreSupport, CSS is mainly for positioning and coloring of sites... well thats how i see it :P

- Animasu
CoreSupportAuthor Commented:
I was looking for something like this actually!!
thanks a million!
ok Ive another idea anyway...thanks

I just experimented, read loads of articles etc.  Main thing is just to try things out.  I've been writing codes for the last 3 - 4 years, mostly writing modifications for ProBoards.  Just stick with it ;)

Anytime :)
pD_EO, ill give that a shot! ive never rearly experimented with it, just followed tutorials, read a few books etc... ill try it out!! thanks!!

- Animasu
Guys check it out ! Hope it's useful for all -


Abhinav Karnawat
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