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Dell PE2500 - is/was scsi - can it be reborn with SATA ?

box is now out of extended warranty - so....

Dell PE2500, dual P3, 2gb ram, dual power supplies... existing raid5 on 3x 16gb scsi drives makes for a small 29gb usable disk.

we're retiring this from production use and wanted to use it as a backup to a backup nas.  with this drive size, no go.

I've had success with the LSI pci-x based SATA ctonrollers in PE 1400-1600's, but since those aren't hot-swap, i just mount my new SATA drives internally, like a pc, and check my cooling.

the 2500 has a the hot-swap bays 4x2, for 80 pin U160 drives - anyone every yanked the backplane and just used standard cages (heck i even have 5 sata 'hot swap' cages around here... more interested to know if you've modified teh server to remove teh existing backplane and can use other 'drive cages'

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Oh, and you'd need a SATA controller... :-)