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DNS record creation

I am trying to setup a DNS record pointing to my email server to help out my Sonicwall Email Security 300 appliance. It seems the sonicwall wants to send out NDR's to my exchange server but it is using the MX record to do so which points to my external IP address. This cannot be changed. The end result is NDR's that don't get delivered.

What I thought of was to create a DNS record that the sonicwall could use internally but I'm not sure how to accomplish this with the way DNS is setup. Here is some generic info on my domain and DNS setup. If more is needed please let me know.

External Domain Name:
Internal Domain Name: domain.lan
Record Sonicwall is looking for:
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Are you talking about the notifications that SES sends out?  Is the Sonicwall outside your LAN for some reason?  

And how is this an issue?  Is your Exchange Server not receiving mail externally?  If it is, is it not receiving it from your external IP?

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No, these are not notifications SES sends out and no, the Sonicwall is not outside my LAN and my exchange server does recieve email externally. This is solely an NDR that the sonicwall sends out and it is trying to use the MX record to send it (for some unknown, sonicwall hardcoded reason). But it cannot send them outside only to re-recieve them, they need to be delivered internally only. What I do know for sure is that if it was looking for my exchange server when sending the "Delivery Reports", they would be sent fine, but it is looking for my external address instead.

Any ideas on how to add the DNS record that I stated above? Setting up the DNS record is stated by Sonicwall Support to be one way to resolve the issue.
are you receiving and sending email thru the sonicwall-it is usually exchange thats set up to send ndrs
Yes. Exchange does send NDRs as well. The Sonicwall NDR's are actually labled "Delivery Reports".

Any idea on how to setup the DNS record?
Nevermind, I figured it out on my own by fiddling with the DNS server. I'll just have this question deleted.
didnt get a chance to get back -was it adding a new host a record for the mail server that done the trick?
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