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Problems setting up RPC Outlook via the web on SOME but not all clients.

Using SBS 2003 R2 Premium. EVERYTHING is working flawlessly. When I set up remote clients for RPC on a CLEAN copy of WinXP and and CLEAN Office 2003 I have no problems. When I set up remote clients that already have a copy of Office 03 that they have been using I keep getting errors saying name can't be matched to a name in the address list. OWA works fine. POP works for receiving but not sending. I have other users that are remotely accessing the server with Entourage on OSX with no problems.
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On a CLEAN PC, that was working fine, I changed the ost name (locally), created a new Personal Folder, and created a new Exchange account (to see what happened) and now I can't get it to work.
sounds like you are hitting an expected error. a remote client, if truly remote, would not be able to resolve the back-end exchange server name when setting up the profile, and thus name resolution would fail. you should just skip that step.

see the following guide on how to setup the remote client:

skip the 'check name' step, that is.
I've skipped everytime and I get what you see above.
Is there some setting on the client side that needs to be changed or wiped? With a fresh install of XP and Office 03 all works fine. On the SAME MACHINE I renamed the ost created a new personal folder and created a new exchange account and I get the same error all of my clients are getting " the name could not be matched to a name in the address book." using the exact same DOMAIN\user account that worked just minutes ago!?

I'm no expert, but it seems to be a client issue.

Just in case you needed to know, this is a new install of SBS. ALL 12 users are remote. ALL 12 users were previously using POP accounts. About 6 of them are working OK and I think they are all using Entourage 2004. I noticed when setting up Entourage there was a way to clear or reset the sync preferences for email which was a neccessary step in setup process.
I think I fixed it (at least on one pc.) I created a VPN connection to the SBS server using the client download feature in RWW (I tried this earlier but it did not work.) After staying connected for a few minutes then tried to connect to exchange as if i were on a LAN and it worked. Like I said I tried this earlier but it did not work, this time I waited a few minutes before setting up a connection to Exchange. Next, I disconnected the VPN opened Outlook and changed the existing Exchange connection to RPC.
that's what i'm saying though, you shouldn't need to do that step. the name is not expected to match, so the error is expected. just skip past that error and continue with setting up the profile. also, if you're using a 'fresh' install of xp and office, make sure they're patched.

I would skip past the the error you speak of when setting the account up. That part is very simple and well documented as you pointed out in your link above. The problem I was having was that once the account was setup I would close Outlook open it back up and immediately be promted for a password for the account I just set up. When I put the password in I would continuously get the message "the name could not be matched to a name in the address book" and on one pc I would just keep getting the password prompt.
With 12 people potentially connecting to the server at the same time over a 6000/750 dsl connection do you think there may have been latency issues?
something is just not right. you should never see that error when setting up an rpc/http profile. sure you're using the right alias? is this user's alias unique? for example, you can have these kind of problems if one user's alias is maryr, and another's is maryrs.
Yes, I'm using the right ones. I agree this is a strange problem. I have resolved the issues for everyone except two people. I tried setting the accounts for them using the "succesful" method I described above but was getting an error stating that the server was not available, but that might have been because I was remotely connected (through a proxy service I pay for.) I am going to have to try and go to remote locations and see what happens. These last two people are able to connect via POP.
I have one of the PCs actually connected to the LAN and I am getting the same error "name could not be matched to a name in the address list"? This person is currently accessing mail remotely using POP.
still sounds it could be an ambiguous name resolution issue.

Your suggestion looks promising. I''l let you know what happens.
Name could not be resolved on client side still.
Server security error stating bad username or password for the valid user.
VPN, can connect, but not to exchange - server not available or name could not be resolved.
OWA and POP work fine for this user.
10 users are all OK.
2 users have the problem I am describing.
1 of these users I have been able to connect succesfully on a test machine at one point but no longer.
Userenv 1054 errors galore on server could not obtain DC name GP aborted?
Read this may have to do with Gb ethernet controller?
Can i export the GAl from the server to the client PC?
ok, you're getting multiple 1054's where? the exchange server?

i'd start with basic networking 101.
maybe per this article, start with layer 3 and work down to layer 1.

The settings are correct. I have other SBS 2003 servers running witht same config (different IP) no problem.
External NIC

static external ip
gateway (router)
DNS 192.168.x.x local IP of server
Do i need for my ISP to create a new reverse DNS record?
As far as where the errors are - in application logs - this SBS 2003 it just gives the name for the enire server.
How come I have no Probs with Entourage?
Should this question be in SBS instead of Exchange?
Somebody Please help! To the best of my knowledge everything is config properly.
Updated a Gb Enet adapt driver, AMD 64 x2 driver, and RAID driver per tips found here When I restarted the server i looked in the event log under system and saw a warning from DHCP server 1056. Checked DHCP and saw it wasn't started, so I started it (it seems like i have tto do this everytime I restart thr server. Looked at all of the IP settings and don't see any problems. I was also able to ping server.mydomain.local when connected via VPN no problem. Connected with VPN, set up exchange account, tried MYDOMAIN\user as username and no luck - tried and success. Does this make any sense? At this point in time there are no Userenv errors (usually every 5 min. during business hours.) This worked on a machine that i have been using the past few days for testing remotely. I have not actually tried this on the last 2 PCs I've been having problems with.
Well, that did it (what part I'm not sure.) I haven't had an error log yet and everyone can connect using
doesn't make any sense to me why the upn would work and not domain\username. it should still work without you  haveing to connect over vpn, have you tried it that way yet? i should have pointed you to the exbpa,

could have definitely helped here, but it wasn't looking like a server side issue at first.

Out of the last two users, I tried to connect using domain\username with one of the accounts and it did not work on vpn or rpc-http. This was after I restarted the server this last time.

When the password prompt pops up it still displays domain\username even on the last two accounts.

What's wierd is that i didn't have this problem with Entourage group or the first few Outlook users.
Oh, I don't think I answered all of your question. Everyone is connecting via RPC-HTTP. The last two were set up using the standard steps outlined by the RWW and worked like a charm as long as was used.
It had to be the driver updates. I haven't had any errors logged since.
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