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Target to iFrame not working with explorer

I have added an iframe to my home page which opens an external page within it by default.

I have placed some links near the iframe with links to other pages and targeted them to open within the iframe. These links work as expected within firefox but nothing happens when I try the page in internet explorer 5 or 6. Where am I going wrong?

A portion of my html:

<iframe name="FRAME1" src="DEFAULT-PAGE.HTML">

<a href="PAGE1.HTML" target="FRAME1"> page1 </a>
<a href="PAGE2.HTML" target="FRAME1"> page1 </a>
<a href="PAGE3.HTML" target="FRAME1"> page1 </a>
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Can you show some screen shots of what you mean?

The codes look fine.
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I see where I went wrong now. Each of the ancher tags has an onChange() atribute, which I removed from my example code for simplicities sake.

It turns out IE has trouble exceuting the code in the function called through the onChange() exent so also fails to change the page in the IFrame. I wouldnt have been so troubled if it just reported back about this.

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