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Slow network. How to remove unwanted traffic.

Our internet connection is running slow and I would like to clean up unwanted traffic on my network.
I have a T1 data connection connected and monitor by a Pix firewall intergrated with websense.
I am not sure where to post this at.
I was told by our IT that provides our T1 that we are using up all of our T1 most of the time.
I looked at pix device manager monitor is it show that outside/inside interfaces are running about 600-700kbps most of the time. I have seen it up to 1500kbp and thing start to stop responding like email.

I ran a websense report on traffic and it show things like p2p apps, intuit, streaming video, chat clients.

the intuit is software that came on the pc.
is there a easy way to remove it off 200 pc?

Is there away to see with some kind of network scan to see what apps are taking up the most bandwith?

I have block morphes p2p by adding a access-list on my pix firewall but is there a easier way to find and block unwanted traffic like p2p, intuit, software that comes with pc that is running in the back ground?

I also have SMS 2003 but not sure how to push out anything or us it well.

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You need to find out what traffic it is.  Do you have a switch that the firewall is plugged into?  Does it do port mirroring?  If so I would copy all the traffic on that pix to another port and run ethereal on it.  That should tell you what percentage of what service is taking up the T1.

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how do you use etherreal?
how does it tell you what kind of traffic it is?

I do have a switch that can do span / port mirroring
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Take a look with PRTG ;) You have a free trial on the website : http://www.paessler.com/prtg
This will help you to see the traffic

For the software you wanna remove, probably a batch file loaded when the computer open.
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what are you running for your email -if it is exchange run it in cached mode as it is less heavy on bandwidth
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thnx, so I assume the problem is in control now after tuning websense ?

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