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Problem in Hiddiing Div at page load of 2.0

I have a multiview controls and few user controls.
I have put the user controls in dfferent views of multiview control.
I have a div
<div id="tempDiv" style="visibility:hidden;">
      <asp:multiview id="mv" runat = "server" activeviewindex=1>
                   . Different views holding user controls inside it
       </ asp:multiview>
Technically, since my div is hidden, I should not be able to see any views, but I can see my view at run time...
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style="display: none;"
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Well, mrichmon

eventually I want to make it visible also....
tu sum up my div will be looking like this initially
<div id="divAddNewAdTag" style="width:752; left:128; top:162; position:absolute; visibility:hidden; z-index:9;display:none;" >

can you recommend changes to this div, and a javascript function to make the div visible?
Hey mrichmon,
I just made it visible too. so  your solution works,
Now I am just confused, wht's difference if I use visibility or display...
does it effects my whole system if I use display for some pop ups and visibility for others,
I would appreciate if you can refere me any documentation also
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