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SEMBEE THIS IS FOR YOU! Exchange GAL problems

I currently have a windows server 2003 sp1 server with exchange 2003 sp2 installed on it.  

We are setting up an exchange hosting server whereby we host our clients email on our server.  I have a problem where i am not seeing either the right GAL or OAB for the user when in cached mode.  If i take the user off cached mode and connect i see the right GAL.  So im guessing there is a problem with rights on a OAB or the link to the oab as i think i have followed the instructions correctly for creating OABs and assigning to a specific user ( tutorials part 1 and 2 to set up hosted exchange). This is so frustrating!

Any ideas why this could be happening?
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are you able to connect to a server in New Zealand (obviously for a fee) and perform contract work on it? that would be awesome if we could arrange this.

Two reasons.

1. You have just broken a rule of EE.

2. I am not insured to work on any systems outside of the UK.

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Oh really i wasnt aware i wasnt allowed to do this. Very sorry.  thanks anyways.