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connect a laptop to a printer on a different workgoup

I have a laptop used at a home office workgroup and when in my office wants to be able to print to my TCP/IP network printer.  I automatically see all of the shared printers without changing the workgroup name but not the TCP/IP printer.  I have tried and changed the workgroup name and still no show of the TCP/IP printer.  i have even tried to manually locate by typing in the IP address and it still shows not found.
Both pcs running Windows XP
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Assuming this is a direct TCP/IP printer (not shared through another work station), you need to run the network install disk that came with the printer.  Win XP does not have a direct print option to send to TCP/IP.  If it's an HP printer you can download the drivers and the jetdirect software from their web site.
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There is no need to run a "network install disk" but you need the driver CD or downloaded driver files. You can install the printer via the Add Printer Wizard. When the list of ports comes up, create a Standard TCP/IP port with the printer's IP address. Then browse to the CD or driver files for the driver files.

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ok, a little more info for you, it is a Dell 1600n Laser printer and it is on the network not behind a pc.  I have already created the TCP/IP port and when I click on add printer and browse it doesnt see it, and when i choose 'Connect to a printer on the internet or on a home or office network' and enter '' it still wont see it to even install the drivers.  I know I am missing a step somewhere and am brain dead as to where.  Thanks for the help!
The PC will not "see" the printer when you browse. PCs never see IP printers. If you have already created a Standard TCP/IP port, just select it in the list of ports. If the port does not exist yet, create one at that time by clicking on the Add Port button.

Aftre xelecting the port, browse to your driver files
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thanks for your Help!  I have taken many many Microsoft testing classes and I have never had anyone explain it to where it makes perfect sense as to why i had to go thru the local printer to get the ports.  You're wonderful. Thanks
I'll second that sentiment.  Thank you for the clear explanation and valuable information.
It's weird, but in all the time I've been with EE, I've never thought of putting it like that. Yet I know that a lot of people are very confused by that silly Windows trick.

Thanks for the points, packrgal