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Local Printing over VPN

I am connecting trough my home computer over a VPN into my company network via a SBS 2003 server.  I would like to use my local printer at home and have searched the Internet and have found no way so far.  I have shared the printer locally over network and under the settings in the remote desktop connection I have picked share local drives and printers.  I can see my local drives but never the printer.  What am I doing wrong, I knwo people have accomplished this.  Help Me Obi Wan's!
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Is the printer directly attached or is it a network printer at your home?
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It is a printer attached to my network.  I have a linksys router that controls my network with DHCP, the router is plugged into the cable modem.
That is why you are having this issue, I believe.  If this was a directly attached printer, you would be OK.

One other question I have is, while connected to a VPN session, are you trying to print from your home computer or from the SBS server?

I think what is happening is that you have a fully tunneled connection to your server...meaning that while you are connected to the VPN, your access to your home network is cut off.  Try this as a test to see if this is what is happening:

Without being connected to the VPN, ping your printer's IP address...verify it responds with echo replies.  Next, connect to the VPN and then ping your printer again...see if it responds.  If it doesn't, then the scenario I described above is probably happening.  If it does, then something else is going on.
I am trying to print from my home computer, I read somewhere where they said you no longer have access to your local network when you VPN.  I will try rest when i get home.
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Thanks kdeutsch.
Cheers !