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Delphi (7 or 2005 or 2006) + Zebra LP2844 Barcode Printer

Recently we agreed to use parcelforce delivery service in UK. We used to use CityLink and we have integrated there barcode system. (They provided an EXE file. Everytime we process an order, we create a text file with shipping info of the order and use it with the exe file as a param using Delphi)
Now parcelforce has different system. They have provided the specs of the label and the barcode fonts (bin and fnt files) and they will also provide Zebra LP2844 printers.
My question is, obviously, how can I communicate with the printer and print the barcode labels within delphi.?


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> My question is, obviously, how can I communicate with the printer and print the barcode labels within delphi.?

Does their software not print the barcode labels for you? We use a similar system and technique for another shipping company by populating a text file which it uses to print the barcode labels itself, not via our own delphi application.
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in that case you need to export the file, swap to their application, import the file and print the label. That is time consuming and prone to a lot of mistake.
Bear in your mind, we dispatch 300-400 parcels a day and we have 4 packagers. So the system should be simple and all process should happen only on our application.

o I totally agree bilgehanyildirim, but, I'm just letting you know how ours works, and to me it sounds exactly like what happens on yours. We pack about as much as you do but we don't need to do any file import.

There is no full API availability in the external, in your case Parcelforce, sofware.
So, we actually have a packing station and labelling station which sit opposite each other manned by 2 people. One person scans an invoice and packs the products, then passes the invoice and parcel to the labelling person. This person in turn has the, in your case, Parcelforce software running. They rescan the invoice which the parcelforce software picks up via a scanner, but we have a keyboard hook running in the background which writes information back to our own tables, while their own software prints all labels and writes to the manifest text file which is produced at the end of the day for shipping via the devlivery wagon.
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Hi Steve,
That's what I have done 2 seconds before I read your comment :) I used Digital Metaphors Report Builder and setup the page dimensions same as the label and boom, there my label :)))
Thanks for your help guys..

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