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Help setting up a Linux file server

I would like to set up a Linux file server at home.  The machine I have available is a Pentium III with 128 MB Ram.
I unfortunately have very little Linux experience.  Can anyone suggest a good Linux distribution that suits my needs and also ideally point me to a good tutorial or instructions on how to do it.  I don't NEED a  GUI but wouldn't mind one.

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Pablo Allietti
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ok. i suggest the ubuntu distro is simple to install and use.
a good guide

after install and running ubuntu you need to install samba to make a file server
i have in my /etc/samba/smb.conf
  only for example
at the end of file

        comment = Carpetas y Archivos de Software desarrollado                      
        path = /home/fileserver/Datos/programacion
        writeable = yes
        browseable = yes
        valid users = pablo, hugo, ricardo
        directory mask = 770
      force create mode = 0770

        comment = Archivos de Pablo
        path = /home/fileserver/Datos/pablo
        writeable = yes
        browseable = yes
        valid users = pablo
        directory mask = 700
      force create mode = 0700
Of course, pablouruguay's suggestion is fine of the file server clients are Windoze. Won't do much good, tho, if you're serving, say, Macs.

Regardless of the OS you're going to use (Linux, a UNIX, NetWare, MacOS, Windoze, whatever), setting up *any* server starts by answering some basic questions:

1) What client population am I going to serve?

2) What services do I want to deliver to that client population?

3) What are my security concerns?

Those 3 are a reasonable starting point. Until you answer those questions, any suggestions by Experts are going to be guesses.
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Hi All

All I want is a s fileserver from which 2 - 3 PCs at home on the LAN can back up to.  The whole lan is behind a decent firewall and there are no security concerns - I don't care who has access to whose folders.

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FreeNas seems perfect, thank you