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Access query needed to bring all vertical records for a given town into a single horizontal record.

I have the following table that lists the nearest 5 towns for a given starting point. Each [TownFrom] has multiple neighboring towns and a distance to it.

[TownFrom], [TownTo], [Distance]
Miami,Palm Beach,11
Miami,Fort Lauderdale,22
Miami, Delray Beach,33
and so on...

I am trying to create the following table with all neighors in a single memo field. Note inclusion of the ") - (".

[TownFrom],[Neighbor1], [Neighbors]
Miami, Palm Beach (11) - Fort Lauderdale (22) - Delray Beach (33)

Before I get the comments about this being bad design I know. The existing table and one I am trying to create are steps on the way to exporting this in a specific format to a static document.

Any input much appreciated.

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Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)
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Capricorn, thanks for that. I did search but obviously not using the right keywords.

I will try the code and see how I fair

Thanks again.
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Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)
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OK, ran the code and got the following message in a small dialog box:

"Compile Error: User-Defined type not defined."

The text highlighted is below:
=Dim rs as dao.Recordset==

dao appears to be the problem.
you may need to add the dao to your references
from the vba window  Tools > references
look for Microsoft DAO x.x Object library and tick it

then do a Debug>compile

It now sees dao.RecordSet as a valid type(?)

However, it now stops on the next line:
Set rs = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("Select * from NearestTowns where TownFrom ='" & s & "'")

...saying Run-time erorr 3061: Too few paramters. Expected 1.

Can I assume the additional paramters Type, Options and LockEdit are not required?

When I type "Print s" in the immediate window I do see my first record's TownFrom value.

post your
Name of table ?
Field names  ?       Type of data Number or Text or ?
Capricorn, thanks but your prompter pointed me in the right direction, and reminded me of the fact I am an idiot.
I had 'TownFrom' in the code when the field is called 'FromTown'! Oh, and it is a Long which meant I had to remove the speech marks and change 's' from String to Long on the first line of the function.

Thanks for all your help, it is working like a dream now.