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SBS 2003 Server Management Console gives MMC.exe error

After a repair install of SBS 2003 (followed by a reinstall of SP1 and the R2 components), my SBS 2003 server's Server Management Console will not run.  (Everything else seems to be working fine, though, to my surprise.)  When I try to kick it off, I get a generic error message:  "Microsoft Management Console has encountered a problem and needs to close," etc.  The problem does not appear to be within MMC itself, as I can open other consoles with no problems.  Also, if I open MMC from the "Run..." line and attempt to add the Server Management snap-in, I get an error.  So the problem appears to be with the Server Management snap-in itself.

The first thing I tried was the most obvious:  I reinstalled the Administration component by going to Add/Remove Programs and selecting SBS 2003.  The error was still there.  Then a coworker mentioned that I should actually remove the Administration component, reboot, and reinstall it, as just selecting "Reinstall" may not overwrite all of the associated files and registry keys.  So I tried that...and if it had worked, I wouldn't be here asking a question.  I'm still getting the same error.  Any ideas?
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