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Pushing DST 2007 update to blackberry devices-how long does it take to happen?

I've updated my exchage 2003 servers with the 2007 DST changes and I've followed the KB document # 12016 to be able to push the patch needed for blackberry devices.

I've then applied this software configuration to one of our IT associate's Blackberry Pearl.  However, I can't tell if his device has received it or if it is being installed.

I did my own device by manually browsing on the device to http://www.blackberry.com/dst2007 address and doing a manual download, and when I ran it on my device.  When you do, if you go to options, the first line item is "2007 dst upgrade" and when you click on it, it tells you that is performing the update.  It took about 20 minutes or so and then it prompted me to click 'ok' to reset my handheld, and that was it.

Now I'm trying the server-to-handheld push route.  I've followed the Knowledge Base article cited above to the letter and then I've pushed the update to 2 devices to test it out.  So far, none are showing the "2007 DST update" line item under options and there is no indication on the device that the update is being processed, nor that it even exists on the handhelds.  The Blackberry Manager console on the BES server shows the push status as "ok" and the application status as "Install Required".

How can I tell that the handheld has received the pushed update?  Why is it taking so long for it to start processing?
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Here is a link that describes exactly what you are trying to do,


Good Luck,
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I'm past the Exchange part of the 2007 DST update so no, that document has nothing to do with my question.

The Knowledge Base article number in my post is from Blackberry's Support Web site, not Microsoft.  To recap, my exchange servers are already updated and I can send and receive from blackberry devices fine right now.

What I'm trying to do now it to 'PUSH' the DST 2007 patch from Blackberry to the blackberry devices our users have.  This patch is from RIM, not MS.
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Ok,  apparently it takes up to 4 hours for the patch to register and apply on the phone.  Both phones I tested the 'push' feature finally updated 3 hours after the software configuration was applied on the Blackberry Manager console.

Please close this question as the matter is resolved.
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Question afterinstalling the patch, has any of your users had trouble sending from teh blackberry.  I have users that can receive but not send.  I already installed the sendas fix but still hvaing trouble.  Did you experience any other problems?
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