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HELP! Server Down at this moment!!! Raid software screwup.

OK, we screwed up.  I admit it.  But now lets get back it back to work.
We have a server with Software RAid 1.  One of the disks have some bad sectors. My co-worker closed the server, unplugged both drives.  He then plugged in the bad drive and a new (bigger) drive and booted up with an Acronis (Ghost Type) cd.  He did the clone.  He then plugged in the new drive, plugged in the second good drive in the mirror and booted up.  

It doesn't work.

Now, he pluggs in the old bad drive with the second drive (not the new one) and attempts to boot up.  Still doesn't work.

He takes out the old drive and leaves only the Second mirror drive (original second drive) and it says that it can't find a bootable device.

Help. Help. Help.  What do do?

Windows 2003 Server .

Thank you.  We are having this problem "now".


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What we ended up doing was taking the Good drive out, putting it into another computer and changing the Boot.ini back to what it was supposed to be with the correct partitiion.  In effect pretty much what you said....

An easy 500 Points.. :)  Thank you.
your welcome.