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Simple VB6 PictureBox Display - Selecting Picture in Code, not picturebox properties.

Let's say I have a jpg file in my c:\temp directory called hockey.jpg.  I have a picturebox (called picture1).  How do I tell the box to display c:\temp\hockey.jpg via coding instead of selecting it in the picturebox properties?  I thought it would be something like:

picture1.picture = 'c:\temp\hockey.jpg' but that is not working.

Chris, Baltimore
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Ok, I figured that out picture1.picture = loadpicture(ipath).  Now, if the picture is BIG, how do I make it the same size as my picture box?
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Mike Tomlinson
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Or use the PaintPicture method to scale it - see help file for details

Picture1.PaintPicture LoadPicture(ipath), destx, desty, destwidth, destheight, clipx, clipy, clipwidth, clipheight, opcode